• How women perceive men

    Men, as the stronger sex, are always ready to give a little to women. Therefore, they are perplexed when they see aggression and excessive perseverance on the part of a beautiful lady. After all, it is enough for her to simply ask and give the man time to think about what she heard. But women are in a hurry, they want to get what they want immediately, which often leads to conflicts.
    Men can not stand when they put pressure. When forced to do something against their will. Women with such a behavior of a strong gender bypasses. At the same time, they perfectly perceive women's tricks, allowing to get everything they need from a man quickly and simply. At the same time there is no pressure. A woman makes it so that a man himself makes a decision. Everyone is happy, quarrels and scandals did not arise.
    The stronger sex often perceives the wrong signs, which are served by women. For example, a request for help is regarded as flirting. A man starts to joke, flirt, although in reality a woman really needs a favor.The ladies take offense at such behavior and go to look for a less active assistant. Although it might really end up flirting, just love games should start after giving help, not before.
    Men are often offended by women's optionalness. It seems that a friend promised to do something and forgot about it. Here is a snag on perception difference. When a girl says that she will try, for example, to go to the store for groceries, she means that she will buy everything that is needed, if there is time, desire, the heel does not break, does not delay at work, etc. That is, her words are not a promise, but an assumption. And the man, saying that he will try, really tries to fulfill the request and does everything he needs. He expects the same behavior from his partner, but she does not understand why he is angry.
    Men and women are very different, and to avoid constant conflicts, they need to learn how to talk. Explaining his view on this or that problem, the partners quickly reached an understanding and stop arguing over trifles.

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