• How to write a letter to the bank?

    Elena Shchugoreva
    Elena Shchugoreva
    April 12, 2013
    How to write a letter to the bank?

    When working with banks, the subject of cooperation is always money, so each client relies on correctness and decency of relations. But situations are different, both good and bad. When solving many problems, one has to communicate with the bank management with the help of letters, since it is the paper carrier that is the argument and evidence in any case. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to write a letter to the bank.

    Letter cap

    In order to write a letter to the bank, it is necessary to find out its full name, position of the head and his last name, first name and patronymic. On the first two lines of the cap (it is written in the column on the right), it is necessary to specify these data in the dative case - to whom? Then specify from whom the document was written - your surname, name, patronymic, address.

    Text of the letter

    If you are writing a complaint or complaint, then you need to set out in detail the whole essence of the incident, from the very beginning, specifying as accurately as possible all the data that will help to sort out what happened - positions and surnames, number, time of the event,bank branch number, etc. If you really like the work of a bank, write a thank-you letter to the bank. Also in the text it is necessary to describe in detail what you liked, why, what you would like to see in the future. If you send a package of documents for any purpose, then you must attach a cover letter to the bank. In it, you must clearly state what you are sending the documents for and list in detail how many sheets are in the package, which documents you are sending. All of these documents are also different in that they are called differently. After the cap, before the text of the letter in the middle of the line with a capital letter, you must write the name of the letter, based on its meaning: complaint, claim, cover letter, thank-you letter, etc.

    Final part

    In the end it is necessary to put the date. From it will be counted 10 working days, during which you must give an answer. Then you need to print the letter and put your signature in pen. All, you can carry it to the bank, where your copy will put the incoming number and date.

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