• How to work with an interactive whiteboard?

    Today, education seeks to maximize the use of modern technologies, among which the interactive whiteboard is in the first place. This is the so-called touch screen, the main part of which necessarily joins the PC, so that the projector transmits the image from the board to the monitor. So let's take a look at how to work with an interactive whiteboard.

    Interactive whiteboard in its functions is a combination of an ordinary whiteboard and a computer monitor. To manage applications that are running on a computer, you can simply touch the surface of the board. With it, you can work on the Internet, open files and write applications on top, using special markers. After the work with the board is completed, you can save the recorded materials and upload them.

    The first interactive whiteboard was shown to the world in 1991. It was the teachers who first decided to use an interactive whiteboard in their professional activities. After all, such technical innovations help to make the lessons interesting and fascinating.

    What is the board

    The board is only part of an interactive complex, which consists of a projector and a board. Special projector mount helps to reduce the number of shadows and highlights on the board. Since it should not be fixed on the ceiling, its cost will be somewhat lower than that of a conventional projector.

    Before you start working with the projector, it must be properly secured and connected to the computer. Then the required image size is transmitted by the projector. It should fit perfectly to the size of the board. The screen is calibrated every time it moves.

    How to work with the board

    Depending on which board is used when working, you can control it either with a special marker or with your fingers. Special editors can highlight texts, make notes and corrections. Coming up to the blackboard, the speaker can highlight text, emphasize basic phrases, draw or correct what is drawn directly on the screen. The inscription on the monitor screen is automatically duplicated and stored in the computer’s memory.The use of an interactive whiteboard allows you to make adjustments in a text or graphic file using your hands.

    Some sets of interactive whiteboards have in their arsenal several markers of different colors, as well as an eraser for mobile label removal.

    Manufacturers of interactive whiteboards use completely different methods of manufacturing such products. The main difference between them is the technology of making writing tools on the board. Today in the market of interactive boards there are such types of technologies as:

    • based on resistor matrix;
    • combining ultrasound and infrared technology;
    • based on the presence of electromagnetic waves;
    • optical technology;
    • laser technology.

    Interactive boards can be used not only in the field of teaching. They are designed for large audiences. You can use such boards in business for presentations and demonstration of finished works to your counterparties.

    Also boards allow you to facilitate the work with children who have limited capabilities. The ability of interactive whiteboards to store information in real time and transmit via communication channels is very often used by various military departments.In addition, it is of considerable importance for crisis and mobile centers.

    The next structure that uses interactive whiteboards in its activities is the state one. Programs can be demonstrated to thousands of people through an interactive whiteboard. The use of an interactive whiteboard will allow you to add the necessary information to the file during the presentation of the product and save it to the media. The speaker is not tied to the project management site and can manage the presentation files directly on the surface of the interactive screen.

    Interactive learning

    According to numerous studies, interactive whiteboards really help to achieve success in school. Such boards allow students and students to be interested in using various video and audio techniques. The assimilation of the material presented on the surface of the interactive whiteboard is much faster.

    In addition, interactive whiteboards do not require a large amount of free space. The projector can be fixed either on the ceiling or on a special stand. There are so-called boards with reverse projection,which allow to avoid various problems that arise when connecting a monitor to the projector, since such boards make up a single system with the projector. There are also mobile boards that are not fixed to the surface of the wall. They can be transferred from one room to another. Modern methods and means of training are available to everyone and managing them does not cause any inconvenience.

    How to properly configure the screen

    Before starting the interactive whiteboard to work, it is necessary to calibrate the screen. This process is basic, which is misleading, if you do not know how to use an interactive whiteboard. Calibration is done in order to properly adjust the screen, which is controlled by touch. In order to conduct it successfully, it is necessary to press simultaneously and hold two buttons on the mouse and on the keyboard until the screen for calibration appears. Now you will only have to click on the crosses, which will appear on the screen. You can press either with a special marker or with a touch of the board.

    Thus, sooner or later, before any advanced teacher, the question arises as to how to use the interactive whiteboard correctly.But modern trends in the development of education require the teacher to use modern teaching methods in his professional activity, among which the use of an interactive whiteboard is in the place of honor. It is not harder to use it than an ordinary touchscreen phone or tablet, since the principle of operation is the same, only in this case it is necessary to perform calibration before work, which is also very easy to perform. To help in the assimilation of the most complex items today will be able to interactive board. The instructions for it are very simple and primitive, so everyone will be able to master it.

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