• How to work less and earn more

    “Find a job you like and you don’t have to work a single day in life,” one of the philosophers remarked and with these words got straight to the point. The less discomfort a lesson brings, the more it seems to be paid for it. After all, one thing for $ 10 a day for 8 hours to load cars with bags of cement, and another - for the same amount just an hour a day to make music with students.

    Look for yourself and improve.

    The first step on the road to greater profits and more free time is choosing the right occupation. Think about what your soul is more about and devote yourself to this work. And it doesn't matter how people around you react to this, which may seem strange to you to choose to work in a bank as a traveling artist. If you like what you do, this occupation will certainly bring you dividends.
    You should understand that the better you understand the chosen niche, the more you can ask for your services.Therefore, do not forget that it is never too late to learn, and there is no limit to perfection, which means you should always look for opportunities to develop and improve your skills. This will allow to spend less time on work, but not to lose in profit

    Become a Brand

    This point would be incomprehensible to Salvador Dali, if he heard him at the dawn of his career, but without realizing it, the genius strictly followed the rules of creating and maintaining a personal brand. The more people know about you, the more benefits you can get from your favorite activity. And in order to be known and remembered, it is necessary to stand out from the competitors and constantly keep the mark of the quality of work done.
    Think about what you can give to the world, which is not given by people of similar occupation. Well, if you can distinguish yourself in several aspects, then the chances of being in the place of an industry leader who works little and earns a lot, you have much more.

    Do for the soul

    In any industry, the leader is the one who can do something for the soul, not for the sake of money. You should not constantly take profits and think over where you will spend money that has not even been earned yet.It is better to take the time to your favorite work, put your soul into it, and the universe will certainly share in return what you are missing. And, by the way, even when you already appear on the top of bliss from the fact that it is possible to work a little, and to earn enough, you should not bury yourself and leave the planned course.

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