• How to withdraw Webmoney?

    Virtual money has long become a reality. At the moment there is a whole mass of services that offer their users the transfer of money into electronic form to pay for various services or to purchase goods online. Therefore, dear reader, today we will talk about one of the most famous Internet wallets and answer the question of how to withdraw Webmoney.

    Withdrawing funds from Webmoney wallet

    A few words about the service itself. This system was created to exchange funds between buyers and sellers in the virtual Internet space. At the beginning of 2012, the Webmoney service serves more than 16 million electronic invoices.

    How to withdraw money from Webmoney:

    • The first method can not be called the easiest. Almost in every city of Russia there are points for withdrawing funds or replenishing a Webmoney wallet. In order to learn about the options of your city, you should follow this link:. The official site will determine your location using the IP address of your PC, and you will find out all the necessary information.
    • Using the Webmoney service, you can attach your bank card to a particular wallet. This will allow you to quickly and easily replenish your account or withdraw funds.However, the list of banks that cooperate with Webmoney, is small. This link will tell you which bank accounts Webmoney works with:. Here's how to get Webmoney on the map.
    • Money transfer is another means of withdrawing your money and turning virtual currency into specious coins or rustling pieces of paper. To implement the method, you must first select the company money transfer. The full list of Webmoney companies cooperating is at this link:. Particular attention should be paid to the conditions that are put forward for a person who cashes his money. Also think about which money transfer company you select. Different companies - different commissions.
    • Bank transfer is one of the most reliable ways to withdraw your funds. In addition, it does not imply the execution of a complex algorithm of actions. The main thing is to enter the payment details correctly. After entering, you must select the amount to be sent. After this comes a contract with which you need to agree. Then you will receive a confirmation or rejection of your payment in just a few minutes. Despite all the simplicity, this method can not be called profitable.To form a transfer you have to pay the bank for the transaction. Although the amount is naturally medium-sized. Read more about this method here at this link:. Pay attention to the letter of your wallet. In the example, the link indicates a Z-wallet.
    • On the Webmoney website you can issue a special card for working with your virtual account. This will give you a lot of opportunities, and will also be not only a practical solution, but also a very profitable one. To select the desired card, follow the link below:.

    All these methods are permitted, and information about them is taken from the official site of the Webmoney service that you need to visit, dear reader. .

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