• How to weld aluminum

    Weld the butt joints on the linings, equipped with grooves, they will ensure the preservation of the cooking bath, and also form a seam on the back side. As the lining, use stainless steel plates in which you need to make grooves, the width of which is approximately two to three times the thickness of the parts themselves. If you weld aluminum at high currents, use gaskets with a water-cooling system. If the thickness of the parts to be welded does not exceed 3 mm, do tacking on the entire depth of the part, if the thickness is greater than the above-mentioned value, then the tacking depth will directly depend on the shape of the cut, as well as on the features that the welding joint must conform to.
    For the manufacture of low-loaded structures, use the method of manual welding with coated electrodes. The required level of penetration will create preheating up to 250 - 300 ° C and the use of direct current of reverse polarity.If you work with parts of greater thickness - conduct preheating at a temperature of 400 ° C.

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