• How to weave a bauble from floss threads?

    Fenichki in ancient times were considered a symbol of friendship and respect. The first they began to make the Indians. There are many variations of color combinations. Some of them do not carry meaning, being simply beautiful knick-knacks. Others, by contrast, have a deep meaning. For example, a combination of white and red flowers is a symbol of free love. There are an incredible variety of types of weaving friendship bracelets, but some of them can only be woven by a true professional in this business.
    How to weave a bauble from floss threads?
    Consider the simplest version of weaving bracelets from floss threads. The process itself is pretty monotonous, but if you have patience, you will get a very beautiful bauble. What will you need? • Floss threads of two different colors (4 in each color) • Pin (you can tape) • Scissors Sequence of actions: • We cut threads about 50 centimeters long.It turns out eight threads, four for each color • Fold them together and tie a knot • We fasten them for a knot with a pin to the pillow or tape to the table • Fold out. First, all the threads of the same color go, after them, another one
     How to weave a bauble from floss thread?
    • We begin to weave from the left edge. We take the extreme thread and hold it over the next right thread. Next, make a loop, as in the photo  How to weave a bauble from floss threads?
    • Pull the knot and repeat the procedure on the same thread. • Next, we also make two knots on the remaining threads in the order they follow. Attention, the knots are made of the same (leftmost) thread, which we started to weave from the very beginning. As a result, it will become the extreme right How to weave a bauble from floss threads? • Next, take the leftmost thread again and perform similar procedures. After the first four threads of the same color are used,should be:
     How to weave a bauble from floss thread?
    • We continue to do everything the same, only with threads of a different color, which are now located on the left side A few hours of such work and bauble will be ready. Of course, from the first time it may turn out to be a bit uneven and twisted, but everything comes with experience!

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