• How to wear clothes of golden color?

    Brave girls prefer bright images and unusual colors in clothes. If you are ready to catch your eye, then pay attention to the clothes of a golden hue. And in order not to look ridiculous and vulgar, find out how and with what to wear it.

    Who would suit such clothes?

    The first limitation concerns the age: clothes of a golden color (especially if it is bright and resembling a brilliant precious metal) look more stylish on young girls. And mature ladies should pay attention to the muted tones and not so shining.

    The second limitation is the shape features. Golden tones shimmer and thereby visually increase the volume, which is not always appropriate for appetizing forms. So if you are a girl "in the body", then you should pay attention to the dark shades of gold, as well as simple fabrics without excessive gloss.

    And one piece of advice: you should not wear golden things to modest and shy ladies, you need to get used to such an unusual and even somewhat shocking color, because it will inevitably attract views.

    The main rule is relevance

    The ideal image should be, first of all, appropriate, especially when it comes to bright and eye-catching colors in clothes. And in this case, the rule: the brighter the image, the less light. That is, if you decide to shine, then do it best in the evening, for example, at a party or some other event. But if the thing is discreet and relatively restrained, then you can wear it in the daytime: for a walk or a date. But in a strict and business style, this shade does not fit.

    What exactly to choose?

    If some things in gold color look simply divine, then others may seem vulgar or ridiculous. In order not to become an object of ridicule, it is worth a responsible approach to the choice of clothing. Valid and most stylish are the following things:

    • Evening dress to the floor. Gold is an indicator of luxury, so this outfit will once again emphasize chic and allow you to feel like a real queen. But the style should be elegant and concise, otherwise from a person from high society you will turn into a fairy tale hero who fled from the ball.
    • Skirt. For example, you can choose a tight-fitting medium length or flared in the style of new look.But it should not be too long, otherwise the gold color will be too much, and it will overload the image.
    • A bright gold top can be a part of the everyday youth look. Moreover, it should be the accent of the kit, so the rest of the components should be more restrained.
    • Dress-T-shirt. This option is ideal for a party or a trip to a nightclub. Gold color will highlight you in the crowd, and a simple cut will hold back such a bright bright shade.

    Tip: it is advisable not to choose outerwear golden color, it often looks vulgar and usually an attribute of public famous personalities. But if you want to bliss, then you can choose a cropped leather jacket.

    How to wear it correctly?

    What to wear clothes of gold color? It all depends on what kind of thing you decide to wear. But, anyway, it will be the accent of the image, so the rest of its components should be restrained and concise.

    Interesting options:

    1. A gold skirt can be combined with a simple top, T-shirt, T-shirt or stylish blouse.
    2. The dress-shirt can be supplemented with a jacket or blazer, which will somewhat dampen the brightness of the color and close the shoulders, thus avoiding vulgarity.
    3. If you choose a golden top, then pick a tight-fitting high-waisted skirt, narrow cropped trousers or, for example, wide and not very short shorts. Blue or blue jeans are also appropriate.

    Separate attention deserves shoes. It should be stylish, but not striking, because the bright part of the kit already exists. Carefully consider the choice of accessories. If you want to complement the brightness of the image, then use a small clutch of a juicy shade.

    As for jewelry, gold is best avoided, although still one small object may be present. Glittering rhinestones and large stones are also inappropriate, so prefer them to engraving, convex patterns, voluminous textures on the ornaments.

    What colors blend gold?

    If you choose clothes of golden color, then your main task is to create a stylish image. And it will be such if you choose the most harmonious color combination.

    The most successful tandems:

    • Gold and beige. Beige is gentle and romantic, and it will make gold softer and not so eye-catching.
    • White though and is considered neutral,but in a tandem with gold, it will literally come to life and be transformed.
    • Black will be the perfect backdrop for gold, making it even more brilliant, eye-catching and bright.
    • Emerald color will emphasize chic and remind expensive jewelry in tandem with gold.
    • Red will add passion to the image and, oddly enough, make the gold less catchy, eclipsing it.
    • Add a tender blue or more interesting mint.
    • Dark blue can be attributed to the classic range, so it will help prevent inappropriate catchiness.
    • The youthful, bold and bright version is gold and fuchsia, purple or hot pink.
    • Combination with yellow is a beautiful summer sunny option.
    • Brown is noble, restrained and elegant, so not only young girls can afford a golden tandem with him.

    Tip: You can try to combine a golden hue with prints, but remember that the slightest mistake can ruin everything. Experiment with predatory animalistic patterns, such as a leopard or a tiger, but they should be as small as possible. Also suitable are stripes, simple small one-type and one-color drawings.


    Finally, useful tips:

    1. Make-up can be bright, but remember the rule: select only one part of the face. In addition, it is worth giving a light tint to the skin, so that, in contrast to the gold color, it does not seem too pale.
    2. Pay attention to the simple hairstyle. From complex it is better to refuse, so as not to overload the image.
    3. If you doubt whether to wear such a bright thing, and whether it is appropriate, then start small: choose a piece of clothing with gold prints or inserts.
    4. Pay attention and choice of fabrics. The glitter of gold looks equally good on dense and flowing materials, but it is better to choose practical and non-flammable, since inaccurate folds can ruin everything.

    Fashionable, stylish and bright clothes of gold color will help you to shine and attract attention, if you will wear it correctly!

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