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Men's Guide to Wearing Brogue Shoes


When it comes to men’s shoes, brogues are a must-have style. Not only are they smart and fashionable, but they can also add interest and excitement to any outfit thanks to their unique perforations. So, when it’s time to pick a pair of shoes to wear, why not select some brogues? Whether you’re dressing for a smart casual event or semi-formal function, these shoes can perfectly complete your look. Don’t believe us? We’ll take you through the benefits of this classic footwear style and how you can wear it for a seriously fashionable look. Here is our ultimate brogue shoe guide for men.



The History of Brogues

Modern brogues originated in Scotland and Ireland and were initially constructed using untanned hide with small perforations. The perforations were for functionality, and their purpose was to allow water to drain through the footwear when the wearer was walking in wet terrain. The design has since evolved, and the perforations are now mostly for decorative purposes. In fact, it is this patterned detailing that brogues are identified by.


History Of Brogues


Type of Brogues

Brogues come in two styles: the Derby with open lacing and the Oxford with enclosed lacing. Brogues are also categorised by the different perforations they feature. Designs include the full brogue (wingtip), half brogue and quarter brogue.


Full Brogue (Wingtip)

Full brogues are the most iconic of the styles and feature a pointed toe cap with wing-like extensions that run along both sides of the shoe. When viewed from the top the toe cap looks as though it has a ‘W’ or “M” shape.





Half Brogue

The half brogue, or semi-brogue, is characterised by a toe cap with decorative punched detailing and serrations along the toe cap edges and in the centre of the cap. Half brogues tend to be more formal than full brogues but can suit a variety of outfits.





Quarter Brogue

Quarter brogues are defined by their straight toe cap with decorative detailing along the cap’s edge, but nothing in the middle of the toe cap. As with the half brogue, quarter brogues are a popular choice for work wear because the full broguing can seem a bit busy. Thus the quarter brogue is ideal for business and formal occasions.






Brogue Outfits

The brogue was once considered an outdoor shoe and not acceptable for formal occasions, but has since evolved to include a variety of different styles that are now acceptable in most formal occasions. Although the classic brogue is a brown leather design, there are now multiple colours, styles and materials available, including patent leather and suede. The versatility of the shoe means that it can suit various outfits, including everything from slim blue jeans and simple T-shirts to chambray shirts and chinos. These days the classic brogue can even be worn with business attire or a two-piece suit.


Brogues with Pants

One of the great things about brogues is that you can easily dress them up or down. To dress up a pair of brogues, try wearing them with a stylish pair of suit pants or trousers and a shirt and blazer. Also, to ensure your look appears more sophisticated than casual, pick an elegant pair of brogues. A style that is slim in a classic colour, such as black, brown or burgundy, will look downright dapper.


Brogues With Pants


Brogues with Chinos

As well as looking great with pants, brogues can also partner perfectly with chinos. As brogues lend themselves excellently to a smart casual appearance, they match well with chinos, which are inherently elegant yet relaxed. To nail the combination, stick to classic colours for both your pants and shoes. Then, complete your look with a simple shirt. You can also add a blazer if you wish and cuff your pants to show off your ankles.


Brogues With Chinos


Brogues with Jeans

Due to their detailed appearance, brogues can sometimes appear overwhelming with specific jeans. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give this combination a try. When worn right, this look can be stylish and smart. To rock brogues with jeans, remember to keep things simple and sleek. To do so, aim for a smart casual appearance with skinny or slim jeans in a dark blue or black. Then, complete your look with something polished on top, such as a shirt, t-shirt and blazer, or sweater.


Brogues With Jeans


How to Wear Brogues

  • Choose the type of brogues that suit your style, outfit and the occasion for which you are dressing.
  • Select brogue shoes with lots of perforations for casual outfits and styles with minimal holes for formal ensembles.
  • Dress up brogues by picking a slim pair in a classic colour and wearing them with a suit or tailored trousers.
  • Pair light coloured chinos with classic brown brogues and a button-up shirt for an elegant yet relaxed look.
  • Wear brogues with slim dark blue jeans and a T-shirt and blazer for a stylish, smart casual look.

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