• How to wear a watch?

    For many decades, watches remain an indispensable and integral accessory of a stylish, and especially a business person. Everyone can wear them, both schoolchildren and businessmen. Both men and women carry them. This allows you to make a variety of models. But not everyone knows how to wear a watch. In this article we will talk about the so-called "watch" etiquette. We learn with what and how to wear a watch.

    Ladies Watch

    • Speaking about what kind of watches the girls wear, one can say that the simplest and most actual way of wearing watches is combining them with clothes that have short sleeves. It is important to match the watch appearance and style.
    • You can give preference to the fusion style in which completely different elements will be combined. For example, you can wear jeans with a baggy sweater and luxury watches from a well-known manufacturer. They must be seen by others, so it is desirable to roll up the sleeves.
    • The watch, which is worn over long gloves, will look stylish and original. It should be combined with a coat or long dresses. It looks quite luxurious.It is necessary to pay attention to the selection of the finishing material and color range.
    • Sports women need to wear fashion watches. Stylish, concise and concise watches are perfect for stylish sportswear. These are convenient models that are durable and reliable.
    • Answering the question of how to wear a watch with bracelets, we note that you can emphasize watches with their help. They should be fairly light and elegant, put on the same hand. But note that you should abandon the rest of the massive jewelry, otherwise the image will turn out too pretentious.

    Men's Watch

    It is believed that there should be several hours, because men wear watches on their hands in completely different life situations. You can not go skating in expensive gold watches from a well-known manufacturer or go to the office for a meeting, wearing a chic costume, in sports massive. Ideally, a man should have:

    • Watches As a rule, they are flat, round, without unnecessary frills with a white dial on a leather strap.
    • Sports watches. On the contrary, they have a massive waterproof durable case, a rubber strap or bracelet, large buttons, a chronograph, luminous hands, etc.
    • Everyday hours. These are hours in which it is allowed to go out in slippers at the bakery in the evening.They are durable, but not sporty, rather elegant, but not at all costume.
    • Representative watches. These watches are worn when they wish to make an impression, for example, on business partners, women, friends. This is a really expensive gold watch with diamonds of the most prestigious brand. There should be a maximum amount of turns - tourbillons, repeaters, perpetual calendars, etc.

    Remember, all the same, that the clock must first of all fulfill its intended purpose. They must show time correctly and clearly, so that in our eternal fussy life we ​​can be everywhere. Now you know how to wear a watch.

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