• How to wean a cat from dry food?

    If your cat eats exceptional food, it is fraught with negative consequences: problems with digestion, kidney diseases, beriberi. Having decided to wean the pet from such food, please be patient and follow the advice below.

    Why do cats get used to dry food?

    The reasons for habituation to dry food may be as follows:

    • In the composition of almost any cheap food of the economy class, synthetic additives are added-so-called additives and attractants. These substances attract the attention of animals, affect their taste receptors and, thus, cause real dependence. The cat simply does not react to other food and does not perceive it as food.
    • If the owner began to feed a four-legged friend with dry food from an early age, then the cat simply will not know another meal. When you offer him food of a different consistency, with other smell and color, he will most likely smell it, but either will not pay attention and will not experience interest, or he will be frightened and surprised.
    • If you give your pet a premium-class nutritional supplement, it may be making a choice on a subconscious level, trying to get all the substances necessary to maintain health and activity. For example, for this reason, many cats eat grass (and certain species) to cleanse the digestive tract and get some vitamins.

    How to switch to another food?

    How can we discourage a cat from dry food? First, determine your goals and objectives. So, if a cat eats only such food, and you want to diversify its diet, then the process will be sparing and painless for the pet. If you plan to start giving your pet an industrial wet food, then this is quite realistic, since the composition and taste characteristics are similar, and the main difference lies in the consistency. If the plans include a full transition to natural food, you will have to try and be patient.

    We offer several ways:

    1. You can gradually add to the dry food wet, increasing the volume of the latter. If the pet approves such an experiment, you will be able to completely replace the usual food after some time.Further actions depend on the goals: you can either continue to feed the cat with industrial wet food, or start the same smooth introduction of natural food.
    2. If your pet loves some natural products, use this: mix your preferred food with dry food and gradually increase its proportions. If there are no favorite delicacies, try to find them, offering your pet a variety of options. Finding interested, start giving it.
    3. Add a little natural to dry food. But be prepared for the fact that the last after meals will remain in the bowl, if the cat is picky, cunning and picky in matters of nutrition. If he eats everything, then change the proportions of food in favor of natural, gradually removing the dry component.
    4. Place two bowls: put food in one, natural food in the other. Reduce the amount of feed, and gradually increase the amount of other food. First, the cat will understand that in the second container is also food, because it is located next to the usual source of food. Secondly, if the pet does not get saturated with reduced portions of food, it may at some point begin to eat from another bowl.
    5. Separate food and natural food into different receptions. For example, if your cat eats three times a day, then the first two times, offer her food, and the third - natural food. At first she can refuse, but, probably, later will be interested. Next, reduce the use of feed to a single intake, and then hunger is likely to make the picker touch a different food. If the pet has succumbed and began to eat natural food, remove the food completely.

    Recommendations to caring owners

    A few tips for owners who are planning to wean a cat or a cat from dry food:

    • Do not strive to wean your pet from the usual food quickly, it will be a stress for him and his body. First of all, he is used to eating one food, but for the time being he simply does not perceive or love. Secondly, a sharp transition is harmful to the gastrointestinal tract, because the digestive system is used to process one food, and with the introduction of another, problems may arise: vomiting, diarrhea or constipation.
    • When choosing a method, consider the eating behavior and taste preferences of your cat so that the transition is as comfortable and safe for everyone as possible.
    • Weaning pet dry food, remember that to feed him dishes from your table should not be. In the diet should not be sweets, convenience foods, smoked meats, spicy, pickled, bakery products. Useful dairy and dairy products, boiled meat and fish, cereals, vegetables (preferably heat-treated and non-starchy) and non-acidic fruits.
    • Do not give in to provocations and be more strict. Cats are intelligent creatures and beautiful manipulators. A pet may refuse to eat and insistently demand food, but your task is to keep and not make concessions if you have firmly decided to make changes. The cat will not be hungry.
    • When offering a new meal, speak kindly with the animal, stroke it, so that the cat has pleasant emotions and associate them with natural food. With shouts, excessive persistence and rudeness, you risk causing disgust or fear.
    • Weaning a kitten is much easier than an adult cat or a cat, so the sooner you begin the transition to natural food, the greater the chance of success.
    • If nothing comes out, try first to introduce into the diet premium food that does not contain addictive additives.Then proceed on one of the above scenarios.
    • Offer different products to diversify the diet, to ensure that all the necessary substances enter the cat's body, and also to give the pet the opportunity to study its taste preferences and find what it likes.
    • Be patient! On average, the training takes two to three weeks, but the process can take a long time.

    The cat's dehumidification of dry food is not an easy task, but it is an achievable task. Choose the right method and follow the recommendations, and then everything will turn out!

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