• How to wash the glass?

    Before you start washing the glass, carefully inspect their surface.

    In addition to the usual dirt and dust, there may be other contaminants on the glass - traces of scotch, dried paint or limescale. In this case, it is from them that you will need to clean the glass first.

    How to clean glass from scotch?

    1. To remove the traces left on the glass after removing this adhesive tape, use vegetable oil, which destroys the structure of the acrylic adhesive, which is the adhesive layer of any adhesive tape.
    2. Oil will fit any: sunflower, rapeseed or corn. Soak a clean, soft cloth with oil and start rubbing the glass with it in those places where glue remains are visible on it.
    3. Gradually, the glue will begin to break down and transfer to a rag. Replace it and continue to work until the last traces of adhesive tape disappear from the glass.
    4. If these marks are old and do not want to be rubbed off, attach a napkin soaked with oil to them for two or three hours, and after the glue has softened, remove it with the method described above.In the same way, oil can remove traces of self-adhesive labels from glass.
    5. When the glue is completely removed, wipe off the remaining oil from the glass with paper towels and wash the glass with a degreasing detergent.

    In the same way, traces of adhesive tape from glass can be removed with the help of 96% ethyl alcohol, white spirit or acetone.

    How can I clean the glass from the dried paint?

    • Use a razor blade or construction knife to gently scrape the dried paint off the glass surface. Do this very carefully so as not to scratch the glass.
    • Wipe off any paint residue with a swab dipped in acetone with white spirit, cleaned with gasoline or kerosene.

    How to clean glass from fat?

    • Remove the traces of fat from the glass with a sponge moistened with dishwashing gel or with undiluted liquid.
    • Grease can be removed from the ground glass surface with a chalk solution. Two or three spoons of crushed chalk pour in a glass of water and stir well. Apply this chalk talker to a greasy stain, wait until it dries, and erase the chalk along with the soft cloth soaked into it.
    • Fat can be removed from the glass worktop or oven door using ordinary baking soda or baking powder (baking powder). Pour a thin layer of soda or powder on a fatty spot on the glass, sprinkle the product with hot water and leave it there for an hour. After that, wipe off the soda (or baking powder) along with softened fat from the glass surface.

    How to clean the glass from lime?

    To dissolve the limescale remaining on the glass from hard tap water, use vinegar. Dissolve a tablespoon of essence in a glass of water and moisten with lime and lime with this solution. After half an hour, wipe off the softened bloom with a glass cloth or sponge.

    After the glass has been cleaned of all stains, wash it completely and polish it with a cloth from flannel or microfiber.

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