• How to view connected services?

    Mobile operators offer their subscribers a huge amount of services. Most of them are paid, so it is very important to monitor exactly what services you have connected.

    Check services on MTS

    You can view connected services on MTS using these methods:

    • USSD request. Dial the following command from your mobile: * 152 * 2 # + call. After that, all services connected to your number will be displayed on the phone screen.
    • Call to call center. You can also ask for help from the operator. To do this, you need to dial the following: 0890 + 0. Then wait for the answer of the specialist and ask him to list all the services connected to your number. Immediately you can ask the operator to disable those that you do not plan to use.
    • "Internet Helper". To use this service from MTS, you need to follow this link:. Then you need to go through authorization and enter your personal account. Further in the main section, select the “My Options” tab, and then you will see a list of all activated services.

    Megaphone service check

    You can view the connected services on MegaFon using these methods:

    • USSD request. Dial the following combination from your phone: * 105 * 11 #. Within a few seconds, a list of activated services will appear on the screen of your mobile device.
    • Autoinformer. You can also use this method where you need to dial such a number from the phone: 0505. After that, follow the prompts of the answering machine to obtain the necessary information.
    • Using SMS. From your mobile phone, send an SMS without text to the number 000105.
    • Call to call center. Request a list of connected services from the operator of Megafon. To do this, call 0500.
    • Personal Area. Follow this link:. Then you go to the login page of your personal account, you need to go through authorization, and then in the main menu, select the "Options" tab. On the downloaded page you will see a list of activated services for your number.

    Check services on TELE2

    If you are a subscriber of TELE2, then the following methods for checking connected services will be useful to you:

    • Service Center. Dial 611 from a mobile number and press the call button.After the operator answers, ask him to list the activated services for your number.
    • Personal Area. Follow this link:. Now go through authorization and pay attention to the main menu, where you will need to select "My number / account". After that, you will see a list of connected services.
    • USSD request. Send the following command from your number: * 153 # »+ call. Then a list of connected services will appear on your screen.

    Check services on Beeline

    To get information about the connected services to a Beeline subscriber, you will need to use one of these methods:

    • Service Control Center. To call there, you need to dial 0674 from a mobile number.
    • USSD request. Dial this command from a mobile: * 111 # + call. Then a menu will open where you need to select “My Beeline”, and then “Services” and “My Services”. After that, a message will come with a list of connected options.
    • Support service. From the phone dial the number 0611 and wait for the response of the operator. Then ask him to announce the list of connected services.
    • Personal Area. Follow this link: and then log in. In the main menu, select "Services", and then review the list of connected options to your number.

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