• How to view a CD on a laptop?

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    Open the drive, insert the disk, close the drive, wait for the disk to load. If autorun is enabled, a window with a disk will open - you need to select the appropriate item and click on it with the mouse - it will open. If autorun is not enabled, go to "My Computer", find the disk shortcut, double click on it - the disk folder will open. From there, choose what you need, open the mouse clicks.
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    On the laptop there is a special entrance for the CD, open it (usually the left side of the plug), an improvised �platform� flies under your disk, insert the disk, close this jumped out �platform�. Next, the computer is looking for a device and will tell you what to do next. But if this does not happen within 2-3 minutes, open the disk manually by clicking on "My Computer", there you will see the disk on the desktop, press and the disk will open.
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    Insert the disk into the drive (it is usually on the side, you need to press a button to open it). Usually when a disc is loaded, it immediately displays a window with contents. If the window does not come out, go to "My Computer" and find there a removable disk (CD-ROM drive, DVD, etc.). Double-click on it with the left mouse button and the folder with the files recorded on the disk will open.

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