• How to unzip a file?

    To date, a huge number of files on the World Wide Web are packed into the archive, which can significantly reduce their size. That is why every user should know how to unzip the file.

    Extract files

    If you are faced with zip-documents, then no problems with them should arise. The fact is that Windows provides the ability to work with such files. To unzip, you just need to right-click on this file and select the item "Extract all ..." in the context menu.

    In the future, you need to choose a path for unpacking the document (provided that you wish to unpack the archive to another location). By default, the Windows operating system will unzip the zip file into the current folder. If you tick the option “Show extracted files”, then immediately after the decompression is completed, the explorer window will open with a new folder.

    In addition, you can simply click on the zip, as an ordinary folder. This will allow you to run text documents without unpacking them.However, as practice shows, this can lead to some errors appearing when applications are launched from the archive.

    Using the 7-ZIP utility

    In Windows Explorer, there is no feature that allows you to unpack archives other than zip. That is why if you want to unzip the rar file, you can use the free 7-zip utility. Download it is recommended. There you can select the current version of the application that is suitable for your operating system.

    Using this program is very easy. First you need to install it. Immediately after the installation is completed, the message “7-Zip” will appear in the explorer. If you right-click on the archive, you will surely see it. When you select the item "7-Zip", you will see a new menu. Here you need to pay attention to the following:

    • “Open archive”;
    • "Unpack" (extracting files with a choice of path);
    • “Unpack here” (files are extracted into the current folder);
    • “Unpack in“ Folder Name ”(extracting files and forming a folder with the file name).

    This program is quite simple and understandable for any user. It handles all the necessary functions of unzipping rar documents and other archives.

    Hamster Lite Archiver Program

    Another popular program that allows you to unzip a zip or rar file is considered. It has a simple and intuitive interface. In addition, for its use does not need to pay money.

    To unzip rar or zip, right-click on the desired file and select one of the following options:

    • “Extract files” - a dialog window will open where you can select a folder into which the file will be unpacked;
    • “Extract Here” - extracting documents to the current location;
    • “Extract to ...” - the program allows you to unzip the file to the specified folder.

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