• How to undergo baptism of fire, or Three months after childbirth

    Today, my daughter woke up at four in the morning and cried. I got up and went to the kitchen for a bottle. She prepared the mixture and ... sat down at the laptop. When I woke up, the bottle was cold ... And this is far from the only oddity in my behavior lately. Intermittent sleep and lack of sleep make themselves felt ... Memory cuts off all unnecessary. I forget the basic words and do not know what day of the week. For me, all days are one. I do not have nannies, and grandmothers live in other cities. It helps only her husband. After work, he puts the baby to sleep while I cook dinner. On weekends I walk with my daughter in the park, while I clean the apartment and cook dinner. Sometimes we walk together. We take coffee with us, ice cream, chat, laugh ... And for me this is real entertainment, since I have never met a girlfriend since my daughter was born, and I have never left the limits of a children's clinic.

    It's funny, but I completely forgot about makeup, heels, hair dryer, shopping, etc.There is neither strength nor time for this. And do not think, I do not complain and do not want to say that it is hard for me

    It was hard at the very beginning, when after giving birth I felt strong physical weakness for a long time, my pressure jumped, my milk did not come. The first colic, the first snot and the first fever of the baby were perceived by us as a disaster! My husband and I called the ambulance and the local pediatrician with or without. The child cried from stomach cramps all night long, and I along with him. From own powerlessness. Because I could not help my baby.

    Honestly, three months later I remember this time with a smile ... And you know, it would be much easier for us in the first months if there was a good adviser next to us. Anyone who just morally supported and explained to us all the subtleties and nuances of caring for a newborn ... Books and videos on YouTube, of course, help, but this is not enough. Therefore, I will share with you my own experience, how not to go crazy in the first months after the birth of a child.

    How to undergo baptism of fire, or Three months after childbirth

    Rule number one - live according to the regime of the child.

    After giving birth, a woman needs a dream. Only through good physical well-being can one be able to overcome tearfulness, bad mood, fears, postpartum depression, etc.You need to sleep not only at night with breaks for feeding, but also necessarily during the day, along with the child.

    Do not listen to everyone. Take care of your nerves

    Remember how many doctors, so many opinions. All that doctors say to you, divide by two. Least. After the birth, milk did not immediately come to me. A nurse in a maternity hospital found this simple explanation: "Your nipples are too small. The child is uncomfortable taking your breasts, so the milk does not come. " To be honest, now I would send such a know-it-all to hell, but then I was terribly upset. The milk on the seventh day came nevertheless. Later, the doctor explained his delay as a consequence of preeclampsia. The fact is that in the last month of pregnancy I had to put a bunch of droppers and eat a mountain of all sorts of medicines. Here is the result ... The birth was difficult. Because of acute hypoxia, the baby was pulled with a vacuum. One of the doctors at the maternity hospital told me that “vacuum children are complex and very restless children,” and that “you are still suffering,” and “you will not get out of a neurologist”. Now I understand that all this is nonsense. Vacuum babes are no different from normal. I have a calm, cheerful child. But then, I remember, I cried in the pillow.And why should I listen to all the nonsense and waste my nerves in vain? When I passed the doctor's words about the vacuum children to my doctor, he got furious. In general, listen more to yourself. And if you doubt the competence of one specialist, go to another.

    Colic in newborns is OK

    This is a kind of baptism of fire through which all, well, or almost all parents pass. Do not go crazy if the child screams, and do not think that something is wrong with him. The baby screaming is useful, the lungs develop better. Today there is a very large assortment of various children's preparations on the market that facilitate intestinal colic. We tried a lot of products: “Bobotik”, “Baby Calm”, “Plantex”, “Dill Vodichka”. The most effective drug we thought German drops "Enterokid." True, they cost three times more expensive than the above, but the result is worth it. And enough of them for a long time. I advise. For pain in the tummy also helps water procedures. Bathe your baby several times a day so that your muscles relax better. And if the baby is on artificial feeding, take a look, maybe you do not fit the mixture.

    How to undergo baptism of fire, or Three months after childbirth

    Feeding the mixture

    If for any reason you are transferring a baby from one mixture to another, then do it gradually, and not in one or two days. Otherwise, you can "disrupt" the children's intestines. For example, I gave my child a whole bottle of a new mixture at once. In the evening I had to call an ambulance. Here is the ideal formula for switching to a new diet:

    1 day - 10 ml of new mixture

    2 day - 20 ml of new mixture

    Day 3 - 30 ml of the new mixture

    4th day - 30 ml of a new mixture in the morning and in the evening

    Day 5 - 40 ml of a new mixture in the morning and in the evening

    6th day - 50 ml of a new mixture in the morning and in the evening

    7th day - two full feedings with a new mixture in the morning and in the afternoon

    8th day - feeding with a new mixture from morning until 16:00

    9th day - feeding with a new mixture from morning until 16:00

    The 10th day is a full day on a new diet.


    In two months the district pediatrician appointed us a massage. The neurologist said that this is "a waste of money," "massage will not work, because the baby is still very small." We still took the risk, and after 10 sessions I did not recognize my baby! The tone of the pens and legs was gone. The body became relaxed, and the baby itself became more relaxed. Well, it became easier for me ... And, by the way, massage is the best colic prevention. In general, trust your intuition.

    And one more observation ...In order to maintain the good spirits in the first months after the birth of the child and to get rid of the feeling that you have fallen out of life, you need to please yourself "strongly" at least once every two months, to do something you have never done before ... Let it be a trifle , but still ... You can cut the fringe and "put" a positive program on it, that everything will be fine. It will be good!

    The main thing is to survive the first three months, then it will be easier!

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