• How to turn on the tablet?

    All tablets are enabled using the button, which is located on the side, top or rear panel of the device, depending on the model. To start the device, you need to hold down this key for a couple of seconds. After clicking, the system boots. However, sometimes the device does not respond to this due to a malfunction. The question arises how to turn on the tablet in such a situation. Consider several options depending on the type of problem.

    Software and hardware failures

    All problems with the tablet are conventionally divided into two categories: hardware and software. In case of hardware failures, the device should be referred to a service center, but if an operating system fails, users can solve the problem on their own.

    Battery problems in the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet

    As a rule, the tablet on Android does not turn on due to the full discharge of the battery or when using chargers from a mobile phone or other tablets. To enable Galaxy Tab 10.1, you need:

    1. Try to connect the tablet to the charger that comes in the kit.
    2. Connect the device to the network and wait about 10 minutes.
    3. Try to start the tablet using the power button.

    In the event that the device still does not turn on, you need to remove the SD and SIM card. Very often the closure of these carriers causes the inability to start the Galaxy Tab 10.1 OS.

    If these steps do not help, then remove the back cover of the tablet and remove the battery for a few minutes. Replace the battery and turn on the device again.

    Ipad 4 software crash

    In the event that the device ceases to turn on after starting or installing a new application, you need to do a manual restart or reset the settings. The problem may also be associated with an unsuccessful update of the system or viruses registered on the device, which makes it impossible to turn on the tablet.

    To enable the tablet, follow these steps:

    1. On the case of the tablet, find the reset button, which is marked with a red dot “Reset”.
    2. With the help of a handy object with a thin base (for example, a nail file), press this button.
    3. Turn on the machine.In this case, all system settings will be reset to factory settings, and all data on the tablet, except for information on removable media, will be deleted.

    Problems Turning iPad Air On

    The most common problem with the inclusion of this tablet is the hang of the OS. To eliminate it, before turning off the tablet or turning it on, you need to simultaneously hold the power button on the end and the Home button. Next, you need to hold them for about 15 seconds.

    Another problem - the power button does not work. To determine if this is the cause of the problem, put the tablet in charge. If a picture with a charge level appeared, then the problem is in the device's power button.

    Sometimes iPad Air does not turn on due to the lack of charging. The reason may be a problem with the cable or with the charger itself. Connect another charger and turn on the tablet again.

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