• How to treat boil?

    A boil (also known as a furuncle) appears on the skin as a result of inflammation of the hair follicle, the adjacent sebaceous gland and the surrounding tissue of the epidermis. Most often, such inflammation is caused by staphylococcal bacteria that have penetrated the hair follicle. They get there as a result of various microtraumas or friction of contaminated skin on the seams and folds of clothing. In addition, boils contribute to a weakened immune system, metabolic disorders, catarrhal diseases and neglect of personal hygiene. If the occurrence of a boil is a one-off, and it is not located on the face or head, it can be cured at home. Numerous or frequently occurring boils - a reason to quickly consult a doctor and undergo an appropriate examination. It is dangerous to try to self-treat boil that has appeared on the eye or in the nose.

    How to treat boil

    The boil is most painful in the first stage of its formation, when it has the appearance of a red seal on the skin, hard and hot to the touch.Treatment of chirya is to accelerate its "maturation" and prevent the spread of the inflammatory process into the surrounding tissues. Once the pus is concentrated in the center of the boil, and it spontaneously opens, there comes a significant relief of the state. In no case should not try to squeeze unopened boil! The boil pus should expire naturally.

    How to treat boil

    • Antiseptics are used to treat chirya. The skin around the head of the boil should be regularly treated with a solution of furatsilina or manganese. Also for these purposes you can use salicylic alcohol, iodine or Zelenka.
    • To speed up the ripening of the boil, a compress from Vishnevsky ointment, ichthyol ointment or Levomekol ointment is applied to it.
    • When the boil is opened, you need to change compresses as often as possible, removing pus from the area of ​​inflammation.
    • After the wound is completely cleared of purulent contents and necrotic tissue comes out of it (dense column of yellow-green color, so-called rod), it is necessary to lubricate the boil with any wound healing antibacterial ointment, for example, Sulfargin.

    How to treat boil folk remedies

    • One of the best means of accelerating the opening of boils can be made from ordinary bulbs. To do this, it must be cleaned and baked in the oven. Apply a slit to the sore spot with a half of hot baked onion. Put a bandage on top. You need to change these packs every 4 hours. Before you attach a new bulb, you need to wipe the furuncle with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide
    • It is not very convenient to treat a boil on the priest with such an onion compress, as it is very difficult to fix half of the onion in this delicate place. For the treatment of boils formed on the buttock, you can use honey compress. For its preparation, a tablespoon of honey is taken, a little flour is added to the honey and not very steep honey dough is mixed. A round cake is molded from a dough the size of a walnut and applied to the boil. Cover the flat cake with a piece of film. Compress is fixed on the priest with two wide strips of adhesive plaster crosswise.
    • Perfectly helps to fight with boils, formed in any place, aloe. The fleshy leaf of this plant is cut, it is well washed and dried.The spines growing on the edges of the leaf are removed, and the leaf is cut lengthwise. The juicy inner part of the aloe leaf is applied to the boil, a gauze napkin is applied on top and secured with a bandage or adhesive tape.
    • Accelerates the maturation of boils a compress made from raw potatoes and carrots. One potato and one carrot need to be cleaned and washed. Spread them on a fine grater, mix both masses and one tablespoon of the vegetable puree applied to the sore spot. From above the compress is covered with a food film and pinned to the body. You need to update this compress every three hours.

    How to treat boil on the eye

    • Treat the boil on the eye with medical preparations prescribed by an ophthalmologist.
    • From home remedies you can advise eye baths from a warm decoction of chamomile flowers or calendula, which should be done five or six times a day
    • In addition, to warm the ripening boil will warm the eyes. It is most convenient to make it a freshly baked chicken egg, cooled slightly in cold water. Egg should be wiped dry and wrapped in a sterile gauze napkin, folded in several layers (instead of this napkin, you can use a clean handkerchief, ironed with a very hot iron).The egg is applied to the sore eye and kept there until it cools completely.

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