• How to treat asthma?

    According to statistics, about one and a half million people in Russia are sick with bronchial asthma! The reason for this is very simple: the development of technological progress affects the environment worse and worse, so the spread of such diseases is not at all surprising. But how to treat asthma? Let's say right away: to cure and even cure this serious illness is quite real. Of course, getting rid of it is quite difficult, but it is possible to improve your condition in such a way that asthma will no longer be a problem for you. First, a few words about the traditional methods of treating asthma, and then we will tell you about the wonderful folk remedies.

    How to treat bronchial asthma

    You can get rid of many of the symptoms of asthma with the right therapy. If the treatment method is chosen correctly, the person will feel very good. There is such an effective treatment method as SIT, which means allergen-specific immunotherapy. This is a prophylactic treatment with allergens, which restores the immune response and reduces susceptibility to allergies, which can significantly halt the course of asthma.However, asthma is still a chronic disease, and drugs only for a while expand the gaps in the bronchi. As for the serious condition, some patients are even forced to take hormonal drugs, although hormones have not cured anyone of asthma. In any case, before choosing one or another method of treatment, it is advisable to consult with your doctor before. Many experts do not deny, but on the contrary, approve of the traditional methods of treatment, which we will discuss further. Moreover, in some Eastern systems - for example, in Tibetan medicine, their highly effective methods of dealing with a variety of diseases - including asthma, have been developed. From this and begin.

    Tibetan Asthma Treatment

    In fact, these are not even separate methods, but a whole complex, a whole system of various effects on the organism. Tibetan medicine offers us deep acupressure, acupuncture, vacuum massage, compresses, warming with wormwood cigars and stones, as well as blood letting, su-jok therapy and many other means, including internal exposure to the disease with Tibetan herbal remedies.Interestingly, in the East (in Tibet, China, Japan) medical specialists say that you can only trust those drugs that are more than three hundred years old. Why, it is not difficult to understand - during this time all indications and contraindications of one or another medicine are revealed, its effects on the organism of various people are clearly predicted.

    Bronchial asthma: treatment of folk remedies

    First of all, these are various herbal preparations, since it is the therapeutic preparations from natural substances that help not only to dilute sputum, but also significantly alter the metabolism in the human body. Thanks to these collections in the bronchi, there is less mucus, sputum easily moves away and stagnates in the lungs. In addition, herbs have an excellent anti-inflammatory effect. Well, now move on to specific recipes.

    Take in equal amounts: a succession, wild rosemary sprouts, licorice roots, sage leaves, valerian rhizomes (with roots), Devyasila roots, oregano, St. John's wort, chamomile, nettle. Place one teaspoon of the collection in an enamel bowl, pour 200 ml of boiling water (approximately 1 cup) and heat in a boiling water bath for 15 minutes.Then cool at room temperature for about 15 minutes and strain. Squeeze out the remaining raw materials, and bring the resulting brew to 200 ml with boiled water. You need to take the infusion before meals - one third of a glass 3 times a day.

    This recipe is not from our medicine, but from Tibetan, but it makes the condition no worse. Take the Ural licorice roots, cut into small pieces and add a teaspoon of the roots along with green tea (to taste) to a liter of water, and then boil for 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly - the best is a wooden stirrer. By the way, green tea is suitable for this infusion any - to your taste. It is necessary to accept infusion as tea, drinking the received liter during the day.

    Take a tablespoon of mustard, 10 grams of fresh ginger root, 1 gram of salt and 300 grams of water. Finely chop the ginger and boil in water over low heat until it boils down to 200 g. Then add the mustard and salt and stir. You need to drink twice a day in equal shares. The course of treatment is 3 days.

    And a little bit more sharp. Crush 20 g of garlic and soak in water for half an hour, then cook on low heat for about an hour and add honey. Take one portion of the received three times a day for three days.And now about nutrition in asthma.

    How to cure asthma: proper nutrition

    In case of bronchial asthma, hot food and drink are recommended - as a last resort, everything should be consumed warm, and everything cold should be avoided. Therefore, do not eat directly from the refrigerator and in any case do not eat ice cream. Also avoid cold drinks. In the food you can and should add a variety of hot spices, which, according to experts, warm the body from the inside. These are various peppers, onions and garlic, ginger and nutmeg, as well as salt and many others. These supplements affect the exchange of mucus in the body and, accordingly, the mucous membranes of the bronchi and lungs, which is extremely important in the treatment of asthma. And finally, a few more recipes for treating asthma with folk remedies. The recipe is so simple that it will seem incredible to someone, but some of them got rid of asthma completely. So, each morning, dissolve 30 drops of hydrogen peroxide in 100 ml of water (half a cup) and take half an hour before meals. In addition, eat a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of badger lard before bedtime. Wash some green pine cones and put them in a thermos with a piece of pine resin and fill them with hot milk (about 0.5 liters). All you need to stir and insist 4 hours.Then strain the infusion through gauze folded in 3 rows and take 1 glass each morning and evening. Cones can be used again, only need to wash them. The course of treatment: 1-2 months, then a break for the same period and then repeat the treatment. You can treat asthma and a special balm, for which you need to take 350 grams of honey, 250 grams of aloe and 500 grams of good wine. Before you cut the leaves of aloe, they should not be watered for about two weeks, and after cutting them you just need to wipe with a damp cloth, but not wash. Now put the aloe leaves in a jar, pour the wine and add honey, carefully mixing everything. Insist in the refrigerator for 10 days, then strain and squeeze the leaves. To take the balm you need 3 times a day, one tablespoon for the first three days, and then three times a day for a teaspoon.

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