• How to translate a plastic window in winter mode

    You will need
    • - Plastic window;
    • - A hexagon, or a screwdriver, or pliers, depending on the type of fittings in your window.
    Determine whether yourwindowwinter translation functionmodeoperation. If the eccentrics located on the side of the sash have characteristic holes for a hex key or a screwdriver, or they are oval in shape, then this is possible.
    Inspect the sash and identify all the eccentrics that will help you translatewindowwinter period of operation. Depending on the size of the sash, the number of pins may be different. Transfer to wintermodeoperating need all the sash of your windows.
    Take a hex (screwdriver, pliers) and turn the first pin to the maximum position clockwise (as a rule). Some pivots should be pulled out a little at first, and after turning they should be “drowned” back.The force with which the window insulation is pressed can be adjusted by an appropriate effort of the arm when the pin is rotated. Do the same operations with the rest of the pins.
    Monitor the quality of work performed. Close the window handle: it should close more tightly than before, and there should be no blowing from the flaps.
    Checking the squeezing force of the sash is simple: take a piece of paper and press it with a sash, turn the window handle. Try to get paper if it is not taken out or starts to tear - this will indicate that the flap is pressed more tightly compared to the summermodeohm
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    Translation window in the winter or summer mode of operation must be done very carefully. If it is carried out incorrectly, it can lead to the breakage of the hardware and the subsequent full repair of the window.

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