• Money transfers to different cities and countries have long become commonplace and, as a rule, do not cause special difficulties even for inexperienced customers of banks. However, it may be a little more difficult to transfer money to the Crimea than to other regions of Russia or even abroad. The fact is that there are no representative offices of large Russian banks in the peninsula, and the well-known international payment systems went away last year.

    How to transfer money to the Crimea

    If you are used to using such money transfer systems as the Golden Crown or Western Union, then you should forget about it. Both of these companies ceased to provide their services in Crimea in December 2014. However, the Contact and Unistream systems still work here.

    How to transfer money to the Crimea

    The Unistream system is suitable for those who want to send a transfer to Crimea without opening a bank account, issuing a card or providing additional data. The sender is only required to fill out a form and provide a passport. The recipient must also provide your passport.In the bank from him may be required to name the person who sent the money, specify the amount and number of the transfer. You can get money in your hands at one of the points of issue or in the branches of banks of the company's partners - you can find out more on the website unistream.ru. Transfer fee is 1%.
    Contact money transfers to the Crimea are carried out in a similar way. The system also charges 1% commission. In cases where the recipient is a bank customer, he may not even provide a passport - enough cards. However, he will need to know the number and amount of the transfer. The nearest place of issuance of transfers can be viewed on the site of the system - contact-sys.com.

    How to make a bank transfer to Crimea

    With bank transfers everything is somewhat more complicated. The fact is that Alfabank and Sberbank of Russia in Crimea still do not have their representative offices. The management of both major banks decided not to risk, so as not to get under the sanctions. In this regard, in the near future, their offices on the peninsula are unlikely to appear.
    Now you can make a bank transfer through RNKB in the Crimea, which is one of the leaders on the peninsula.And also, through the banks of Russia and Genbank, which already have their representative offices in Crimea. Since there are few representative offices of all three banks on the territory of the Russian Federation, you will have to transfer the transfer as inter-bank. In this regard, the tariffs will be slightly higher than usual. You should also be prepared for the fact that the money will be credited to the account not instantly, but within three days.

    How to transfer money to the Crimea

    The average commission of banks is 1.5-2 percent from each transfer to 50,000 rubles. Since the RNCB is a purely Crimean financial institution, and there are no representative offices on the mainland, all transfers will be considered interbank (with a higher commission). You can save money if you send money within the system, such an option is possible in the Bank of Russia.
    Internet banking of RNKB in Crimea allows you to make a variety of payments, including intrasystem transfers or crediting funds to a card of another client. Theoretically, there is the possibility of issuing an Internet card in other regions of the Russian Federation to reduce the cost of translations, but in practice it does not provide benefits when transferring funds.

    How to transfer money to Crimea on a map

    Problems with money transfers to the Crimea were aggravated in December 2014 by the fact that the Visa and MasterCard international card systems stopped working on the peninsula. Previously, it was only necessary to inform the sender of the card number. But now this is not enough. At the same time, on the territory of the peninsula, the PRO100 cards, which are a partial analogue of the international systems, began to operate. It can be issued in any convenient bank.
    In order to receive a transfer to a card in Crimea, the recipient must find out in his bank the full details of the account and transfer them to the sender. For some reason, recently, representatives of banks do not particularly want to issue this information, and sometimes they even say that they cannot give you an account number. Therefore, have patience and ensure that you provide complete data. The commission with this method of transfer is from 1%.

    How to transfer money to the Crimea

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    Another option to receive money in the Crimea are transfers through electronic money systems. The most popular among such systems in Russia are Webmoney and Yandex. Money, and they both work in the Crimea. This option is convenient because it allows you to transfer money from anywhere in the world almost instantly. The recipient is simply to cash them at an ATM.
    This method is best suited for those who plan to make regular money transfers to the Crimea, because it requires some effort at the initial stage from both sides. In particular, the sender and recipient must register with the electronic system and download scanned copies of the passport and TIN. You will also need to attach the card to the account. This is done quite simply, you can read more about this on the official website of the company webmoney.ru.

    How to transfer money to the Crimea

    After you complete the initial settings, electronic payments can be made in just two clicks. You can withdraw electronic money in two ways, either to a card and then through an ATM or in cash in special branches. The main drawback of this method is a sufficiently high commission, in comparison with conventional transfers - from 1.8%, depending on the option of withdrawal.
    Thus, we have to admit that there are certain problems with the transfer of money to the Crimea. Now it has become a little harder than before. Nevertheless, there are quite a lot of options for how to send money to your loved ones and choose from.In our article, we present only proven methods that allow for urgent translation without any difficulties.

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