• How to train a puppy?

    Have you got a puppy in your house? Then you need to familiarize yourself with how to train a puppy in the very first months of his life. The most important point that the owners of puppies should take into account - dog training should be regular. Only then can get used to the teams, learn to be neat, walk on a leash and be in a collar.

    Training in 1-3 months

    During this period of time, it is necessary to teach the puppy to ensure that he does not soil in the house, he knew his place, he responded to the commands of the owner “To walk” and “To me”. It is very important that from the very first days you start working with your puppy on his culture of behavior. Some owners have a question: from what age to train a puppy? Sometimes this question arises when the puppy is already six months old, which means that time for training some teams is lost. It will be necessary, both for the puppy and for the owner, in just a few months to study everything that, with proper training, is studied in 8 months.

    In order to teach a puppy to its place, it is necessary after it gets enough and lies down to rest in some place at home, take a pet in his arms, carry him to that place in the house that is provided for his rest and sleep.It should be noted that in the place of the puppy it is necessary to put a rug. Having brought the puppy to his resting place, say the command "Place" and stroke him. If the puppy is trying to get up and down from its mat, hold it with your hand and repeat the command again, stroking your pet all the time. Do not forget that puppies will love only those owners who do not shout and do not beat them, but feel sorry for them, treat them affectionately. After the puppy obeys you, and will not get up from the spot anymore, his actions should be encouraged - say with an exclamation "Good", stroke and give him a piece of your favorite delicacy.

    In no case do not encourage the puppy to be near the table while you are eating and begging. As soon as the puppy attempts to do so, immediately follow the sequence of actions described above — send the puppy to his place. You should regularly repeat this technique until the dog understands that he has nothing to do at the table, however, just like when guests came to your house.

    It is important that your home, in spite of the fact that a puppy or adult dog lives in it, be attractive, both for you and for your guests. Therefore, from the first days of the appearance of a puppy in the house, teach him to clean and wash.However, all your actions should not cause the puppy pain - it must be remembered all the time, because cleaning for a puppy should be a pleasant procedure. If it does not appear as such, you will not be able to keep order in the house, and your dog will be unkempt, with wool that smells of unpleasant odors.

    How to train a puppy shepherd?

    There are no particular problems with the training of shepherd puppies, because by nature they are intelligent and executive dogs that will be betrayed to their owner, who, in turn, must study the characteristics of this breed. Since the shepherd was originally intended for grazing, she likes to chase not only animals but also people. Therefore, it is imperative that before training a shepherd puppy, let him know that you are its owner, and you, not he, will command the process of training. It is necessary to fully control your pet, otherwise the dog will refuse to execute commands.

    It is very important that only you, but not all members of your family, should train shepherd dogs. In addition, you are responsible for feeding and walking a dog, you must deal with it and play with it.The peculiarity of the shepherd dog, and the rest of the breeds, is that the puppy will establish the most trusting relationship with you only if you devote maximum time to it. Trust the dog should you, because otherwise, he will not obey you. If you train a service dog, then it should not communicate with anyone else except you, but in all other cases, do not prohibit communication with other family members.

    Every day a shepherd must run a lot - such physical activities are simply necessary for it. You can go swimming with a sheepdog, if, of course, you have such an opportunity. If the shepherd doesn’t train regularly, its health will worsen dramatically. In order to train a puppy shepherd dog team "Sit" or "Lie", you must first sit down yourself, put not an adult dog, and a puppy. During these actions, be sure to pronounce the appropriate command. To teach a puppy to the team "Near" will be much easier if during a walk, you will lead the dog on a leash and repeat this command, carefully pulling the leash towards you.

    We teach dog team "Fu!"

    If you are in search of the truth, how to train a puppy correctly, then you should teach the dog not only to the Sit, Lie and Place commands, but also to the Fu command. She is one of the basic teams in the training of any dog ​​breed. Unfortunately, many dogs, going out for a walk, take everything in their mouths that is lying on the street - such actions can lead to the dog getting poisoned or pick up some kind of disease. You have to teach your puppy to the Fu team also because it will help you pick up shoes or other household items from your pet, which he will begin to nibble.

    In order for the puppy to understand you, it is necessary to evenly, but at the same time strictly, utter the command "Fu", since you need to ensure that the puppy, dropping all his affairs, immediately turned his attention to you. Your cry or threats will in no way affect the dog, on the contrary, it will only become embittered, and will stop listening to you. Say the command while the dog is doing what it is not supposed to do. You do not need to say “Fu” in advance or after the deed, because it is not recommended to be done by specialists who show how to train a puppy on video.Despite the fact that you love your dog, do not let her off. Such as damaged shoes, torn curtains and other interior details. Only constant practice will help you teach your puppy not to spoil things in the house.

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