• How to toned headlights?

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    How to toned headlights?

    Emphasize the individuality of your car under the power of each owner, making the entire tinted headlights. And you can darken both the front and rear optics of the car, including the lower fog, and the brake light on the spoiler. There are two ways to tint the headlights: through painting and tinting film.

    • The first method is not practical at all, because if you need to remove the tint, you cannot do without damage to the headlights and then you need to change the optics.
    • When tinting film with headlights, if the need arises for rastonirovanii, it can be done easily and as soon as possible, and at any time.

    How to toned headlights film

    • First, prepare everything you need:
      • dubbing lenk;
      • screwdriver;
      • sealant;
      • industrial dryer;
      • technical alcohol.
    • There are several ways to tint the taillights, but for self-tinting it is better to resort to gluing the film on the glass headlights. Such work should be started by drawing out the battery from the negative terminal.Use the maintenance instructions for your machine and, following the instructions in the section called “electrical equipment,” disconnect the wires from the rear lights.
    • At this stage, disassemble the taillights. Prepare a conventional industrial hairdryer: put the switch in the desired position and warm it up to 300 degrees. Now the joints of the sealant on the body warm up evenly and evenly. Hold the heater along the seam and run it at least five times to completely melt the sealant.
    • Disconnect the body and headlight glass (if necessary, you can use a screwdriver) and, until the sealant has hardened, carefully clean all joints from the residues formed. If there is no special detergent, you can clean the headlights with ordinary technical alcohol.
    • Prepare a special tint film. It is better, of course, to glue only from a quality material with a polymer plasticizer and a light transmittance of 85-90 percent, which will ensure a uniform color of the headlights in any light. Violation of these standards may be the reason for clarifying relations with traffic inspectors.
    • Begin to evenly and carefully (so as not to form kinks) stick a tint film on the glass surface of the headlamp.
    • Having finished, collect headlights and places of fastening by screws, seal up with sealant. If vibrations occur during the movement of the vehicle, this will prevent the fasteners from unwinding. Glue together the glass surface and the headlight body with a sealant, tightly pressing them while doing so. Fix in this position for the period specified in the instructions for use of your sealing compound. After waiting for the seams to harden, reinstall the light fixture in place and connect the terminals and wires. Check for performance.

    Note: in the same way you can toned headlights of your car.

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