• How to tie a scarf?

    Knitted shawl, especially if it is downy, incredibly warm and practical thing. It is simply indispensable in the cold season, because This wardrobe detail looks very presentable and beautiful, sometimes more beautiful than any scarf. Therefore, you can give preference to a knitted shawl. Its plus is also that you can do it yourself, and it will be unique. How to knit a handkerchief depends on the available tools for this - a hook or knitting needles. Since The technology for looping is different here.

    Crochet crochet

    Before you crochet a scarf, you need to decide what purpose it will serve. If it performs the function of a headdress, then for a light shawl it is better to take cotton thin threads. If it is a shawl shawl for spring or autumn, then the thread is better to take thicker. To do this, you can use mohair or thin wool.

    • After determining the purpose of the scarf, you need to pick up a hook to the selected threads. The thickness of the hook should be greater than the thread, approximately two times. With a similar ratio, will be viscous medium density.If you need more delicate knitting, then the hook is better to take much thicker.
    • Very important and the manner of mating. To accurately determine the future number of loops, it is necessary to connect a test sample, and then, calculate loops from it.
    • The following is a choice of pattern. Scarves are often knitted with openwork simple patterns. Scarves, as a product, are good because you need to calculate loops at the beginning of work, and after that, the pattern will be knit by typed number of loops according to the scheme.
    • After you complete the shawl, the edges can be processed so-called. "crawling step". This is a special binding in the opposite direction by the columns, without single crochet. Such processing of a scarf will allow edges not to be twisted afterwards inside. In addition, you can decorate such a scarf with a fringe.

    Knit shawl

    Before you knit a scarf with needles, you need to immediately determine the pattern, since the whole mating process will depend on it. There are a huge number of ways to knit shawls, but now it is better to consider knitting a shawl, whose middle is solid, and the patterns are on the edges. This is the easiest way to knit, especially if you have not knitted shawls before.

    • Begin to knit a scarf from the middle.You need to dial the necessary loops and two additional edge loops. Dial loops in one thread on two spokes. The number of loops themselves must be made on the basis of the size of the scarf. For example, for a scarf with dimensions of 120x120 cm, you will need to dial 200 or 230 loops.
    • In subsequent rows, you need to remove one edge loop at the beginning of each row, without knitting. The needle is better to enter from right to left, and at the same time keep a working thread on the index finger. The hem loop at the end of the row is knitted as purl.
    • In order to get a square middle, you need to increase the number of rows. Their number should exceed the number of loops in the same row.
    • After, knit a border. It is knitted with facial loops, similar to the middle of a scarf. You need to dial 5 loops and add two edging. Then knit a purse row. In the next rows you need to remove at the beginning of the row, without knitting the edge loop. The needle should be entered from right to left, and the working thread to hold on the index finger.
    • When the border and middle will be connected, it will be necessary to connect them. This is done using an additional thread. On the left knitting needle, on the one side of the middle, there are edge loops, and on the right knob, the same loops are gathered from the hem.
    • After that, the loop spreads from the right needle to the left.And these loops are knitted as one loop. Two loops are spread to the left knitting needle and three loops are knitted as one. So, you need to continue mating to the very edge. The next border needs to be tied in parallel with the first one. And the next two fringes, together with the corners, should be gathered on the knitting needles and knitted entirely.

    Knitting a shawl

    The task of how to tie a down scarf is not so difficult. Especially if you do not need to make yarn of fluff. If you already have the yarn, you just need to decide what kind of scarf there will be. The most common type of downy shawl is Orenburg. But he has his own variations. Orenburg shawl is divided into a simple shawl, tippet and spiderweb. A simple scarf is usually knitted from thick white or gray yarn. Spiderweb knit from fine downy yarn and silk. Its pattern is very complex. The tippet is a wide down shawl. Therefore, you must first select the type of scarf.

    • Before you knit the Orenburg shawl, you need to prepare a downy yarn. To do this, you need to purchase 250 g of downy thread, which will be strained on a cotton thread.
    • First you need to start to knit a border in the lower left corner.The angle of the shawl consists of left and right parts. It is necessary to knit both sides at the same time, according to the pattern. And knit a dividing strip of two facial loops between them.
    • After you knit the entire pattern of the rim, the left upper loop and one loop of the strip must be transferred to a knitting pin. And the remaining border needs to be knit to achieve the required length. After, you need to knit the lower right corner of the border, and then translate the upper right side of the border with one loop of the strip to the pin.
    • Then you need to transfer from one of the pins of the loop to the needles and dial the required number of loops along the inner edge of the border for the central blade. It is necessary to knit this cloth of a scarf in parallel with knitting of a border on each side before achievement of the necessary size.
    • In conclusion, you need to remove the loop of the scarf and the upper left corner of the border on the knitting pin. To knit, like the second corner, the third corner of the scarf, while alternating nakida. All the necessary loops need to knit together.

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