• How to tie a cat?

    Toys are a favorite subject of not only children, but also adults. When it comes to handicrafts, each needlewoman is proud of her masterpieces. And children, always prefer homemade toys than purchased ones. Handmade toys are various animals that are crocheted or knitted. Today we will tell how to tie a cat.

    Preparation for work

    Let's see how to tie a cat using the materials at hand. It is not necessary to buy new threads. Find remnants of yarn or old knitwear that you can dissolve. For training, such threads are suitable, and you need a bit of them - 70 g. Choose your own color: white, gray, beige, red. The cat should look natural, not from a fantastic movie. To finish the eyes, nose, antennae, specks, it will take a bit of dark thread. Prepare the same hook or knitting needles, scissors, needle and cotton wool for stuffing.

    Crocheted cat

    Now we take a closer look at how to crochet a cat. The hook number depends on the thickness of the thread. To knit a small animal, take an average thickness of 1.5-2. Let's start with the torso. In terminology, you will see the abbreviation "sb" - this is a column without nakida.

    • 1st rowTie 2 vozd. loops. From the second loop, tie 7 knobs and lock into a ring. Knit rows in a circle.
    • 2. Double it. 2 Bs in each loop (total 14)
    • 3. 1sbn, 2 sbn in the next. loop - so 7 times (total 21 loops)
    • 4. 2 sbn, 2 sbn per foot loop - repeat 7 times (total 28)
    • 5. as the 4th
    • 6. 3 sbn, 2 sbn per foot. - repeat. 7 times (total 35)
    • 7. 4 sbn, 2 sbn per foot. - repeat 7 times (total 42)
    • 8 - 23 rows - col. loops - do not change
    • 24. decrease, 4bc 7 times (35)
    • 25. no change
    • 26. 3 Sat 7 times (28)
    • 27. as the 26th
    • 28. 2 Sat 7 times (total 21)
    • 29. as the 28th
    • 30. 1 sat 7 times (14)
    • 31. turn down to 7 loops

    Leave a hole for stuffing. Cut the thread to sew up the hole.

    Tail (1 detail)

    • 1 row. Knit like a torso
    • 2-24 - we knit straight, without changes 7 loops. The tail is ready. Process a piece of wire around the edges, wound with adhesive tape or tape. Insert into the tail and tighten the loop in the ring. Sew to the body from the inside, where the knitting began. Pack with cotton or padding, sew a hole in the body. To this place we will sew the cat's head, so the seam will not be visible. As you can see, crocheting a cat is not difficult. Its main part is connected.

    Paws (4 parts)

    • 1 row. As torso
    • 2. Each following row is increased by 1 loop. 6 sbn, 2 sbn in ice. (8)
    • 3. Already 9 loops

    So, in the 7th it should be 13. All the paws should be filled with filler and sewed to the body, so that the cat is standing exactly.


    • 1-5 row knit like a torso (28)
    • 6. Right 28 Sat
    • 7. 3 sbn, 2 sbn per foot loop - 7 times (35)
    • 8. 11 knit straight with BN (35)
    • 12. 4 sbn, 2 sbn per foot - 7 times (42)
    • 13. straight 42 loops.

    Fill your head with a filler and sew to the body with the open side.

    Ears consist of 2 parts.

    • In 1 row of 2 vozd. 5 loop knit loops
    • 2. Continue to knit straight (5)
    • 3. Double the loops by tying 2 UB in each loop (10)
    • 4-5 straight knit (10)

    Sew to the head, slightly bent, giving them a real look. Dark threads make eyes, antennae, mouth, nose, claws on the legs. Tie a bow around your neck. If the yarn from which you knit - fluffy, comb the cat with a brush.

    Knitting a cat with knitting needles

    Many needlewomen do not like, and can not, crochet. Their skill is knitting. There are a lot of knitting patterns for animals, and they also describe each row in detail. Let's see how to knit a cat with knitting needles in the easiest way.

    This is an unusual kitty, as it knits in the form of a stocking, in one piece. The length depends on your desire. Tying such an unusual stocking with circular knitting needles, fill it with a filler. Bow drag the 1/3 to get the head. Paws and tail make of rope, with knots on the edge. They will hang along the torso. For ears, eyes, nose, antennae, use ready-made plastic parts.Such a lazy kitty can be hung from a lamp or a bookshelf.

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