• How to quit a guy?

    I don’t know if men are wondering how to quit a girl, but the girls, in turn, are just passionate about the topic of how to quit a guy. Everything related to this topic is very interesting for the fair sex, starting from simple tips for quick otshapping and ending with eloquent statuses of how to throw guys. We propose to reflect on this topic and see what advice the "experienced girls" give.

    The reason why girls quit guys:

    To clarify the fact that the boys are being abandoned, because they are not the same princes on a white horse, it will be wrong, just because every girl has his own ideal, which will be far from the man who will be next to the girl. What makes a girl become the initiator of a breakup? Often this is just the easiest way to manipulate an indecisive elect, who, because of her weaknesses or life convictions, cannot at this stage give the girl what she expects from the guy.

    Along with this, the emergence in my head of the question of how to quit a guy may appear for the simple reason that the fear of leaving you, and then you will have to ask another equally interesting question, threw the guy how to get him back.

    Also, the social side of the issue postpones a great influence on the reason for the break in relations, both from the girl and the guy. Probably everyone heard phrases like “parents did not like her,” “we have different religious views,” “parents are against our relationship,” and many other facts and arguments. For their reason, thoughts arise in my head, and whether this is my man, and such nonsense as throwing the guy you love.

    How to quit a guy without hurting:

    After much deliberation, you still concluded that you need to leave. Do not forget that one of the most important commandments that you must remember for yourself is do no harm, since the process of parting is always a painful and unpleasant process. You need to be as tactful as possible regarding the person you decide to quit. Do not forget that even though you have already written him in the former column, he remains a man and it is possible how you act with him and postpone your further imprint on his general opinion about the rest of the girls in the world. Act deliberately and carefully:

    • Analyze for yourself the situation, here you better do without the excessive advice of "knowledgeable friends."All that you need for this is just to give yourself the most honest answers to the questions about the sincerity of your desire to break, because it can only be a minute rush caused by one reason or another for which you yourself may be to blame. Consider even what your elect may do in this situation; the better the problem is thought out, the easier it will be to answer how to correctly throw a guy, if you, of course, decided to quit him.
    • Prepare for the conversation itself, because you have to bring the arguments of your decision, because you can not just take and break the relationship, without having a reason.
    • Before the conversation, weigh everything again, if your intentions are unchanged, then make an appointment somewhere in neutral territory, and do not arrange a romantic evening by candlelight;
    • Calmly state your intentions and the arguments of why you came to this decision, it will not unduly hint that all this is difficult for you, but you nevertheless decided for yourself that way, and are grateful to him for all the good things that he brought into your life.
    • The most difficult thing in the question of how to throw a guy in the right way is to remain adamant in persuading your passion for forgiveness and a second chance.If you decide for yourself that this is final and unconditional, then do not give the slightest hint that you can be brought back. Perhaps an abandoned young man will continue to call you with pleas for a second chance and meeting to discuss prospects again. Your task in this difficult period will simply not give false hope, swearing all possible zeal towards you.

    You should not hope that your gap will mark your final in the place where you will tell him your final “bye” and leave. Most likely, the period of denial of your partner will last some more indefinite period of time. All experiences ultimately go away and in consequence, maybe he will even understand that it was better.

    How beautiful to quit a guy or what to do is strictly prohibited:

    Anything can happen in life, do not forget, you yourself can always be left in a place. Therefore, the crumbs of understanding and sympathy must be shown to the former, whom you just recently called a loved one. Under no circumstances whatsoever concern:

    • do not disappear without a trace, without any explanation;
    • do not try to end your love relationship with a sharp unreasonable scandal and the expression of offensive and unpleasant things to the former lover, who perhaps has no idea where all this unreasonable anger and hostility to him came from;
    • In no case do not end the relationship with a specially planned betrayal, think before you commit such an act and put yourself in the place again, perhaps the unsuspecting and still carefree partner who loves you;
    • do not start a new relationship until you have explained to the former young man, but if even this does not work out on purpose, then try not to advertise it until you disperse with the former guy.

    It is not necessary to reduce all attempts to the question of how to quit a guy, the only way out was how to make him hurt. Try to keep as good a relationship with him as possible.

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