• How to talk a person?

    Oksana Logunova
    Oksana Logunova
    March 25, 2013
    How to talk a person?

    In life, you often come across the fact that people are not able to communicate, and it is impossible for them to get the necessary information from an important person. As a result, there is a misunderstanding and, as a result, the lack of the necessary result in the negotiations. The ability to talk a person is one of the main components in the art of communication. To do this, there are some rules, following which any person will be able to obtain the information he needs and arrange his interlocutor to communicate effectively. In this article we will tell you how to talk with people correctly.

    Conversation rules

    • It is necessary to prepare for the meeting. If possible, you should collect the necessary information about the future interlocutor, learn about his family, hobbies and preferences.
    • It is better to start the conversation first.
    • Need to take risks. It may happen that a person does not want to talk, this is normal.
    • Try to memorize names.
    • When starting a conversation with a person, smile and look into his eyes.
    • If suddenly you forget the name of the person, it is better to ask again what his name is.
    • It is necessary to demonstrate curiosity and attention to people.
    • Be interested in their opinion.
    • Demonstrate that you are a good listener: sometimes in your own words and briefly repeat what you are told.
    • Tell the other person about yourself, about something that you like.
    • People whom you see regularly, always welcome.
    • When communicating with a person, you need to try to understand what common interests you may have, similar experience and goals.
    • Provide your partner the opportunity to feel like an expert.
    • Demonstrate a genuine interest in what a person tells, what is important to him.
    • It is important to maintain a balance in the provision and receipt of information.
    • You should be aware of social events and news that, one way or another, have an impact on our lives.
    • Stay open to other people's feelings and opinions.
    • You should also demonstrate that you get pleasure from communicating with them.
    • You can invite a person to join you during lunch, going to the cinema or visiting another interesting event.
    • Do not forget to show your sense of humor.
    • When you meet a person, pay attention to his positive qualities.
    • Show people that you want to get to know them better.
    • Do not forget to ask questions about what you heard from their story last time.
    • Another tip, how to talk man. People need to make compliments, celebrate what you like in their clothes, words, actions.
    • If the dialogue comes to a standstill, you need to change the topic.
    • Wanting to tell a story, you should first tell the main thing, and then add details.

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