• How to take a sabbatical?

    Nobody gives just an academic leave of a student without good reason. The principles of academic leave are spelled out in legislation. This is not the same as staying in school for one more year, because no one will send you on vacation for not succeeding. On this basis, the vacation can be relied upon solely for illness or for other good reason.

    Sick leave

    Now we will tell how to issue an academic leave. This can be done for one year, and in the case of child care - up to 6 years. As soon as the vacation period expires, you must return to the university and continue your studies from the point where you left off. In order to save data about the student, the student is issued an academic certificate. They set the goals of vacation, evaluation, as well as the number of hours listened. As already noted, you can go on leave due to illness or for family reasons. Because of illness, this can be done more than once, but for family reasons, only once during the whole period of study.Such circumstances include child care, the death of a loved one, a serious illness of a loved one, due to which he needs constant care, as well as poor financial situation in the family.

    At the same time, the provision of academic leave cannot occur without a certificate from the hospital, a certificate of lack of family or a birth certificate of the child. A certificate can be obtained, as you know, in several ways - in an honest way, staying in line, or simply by buying. The last option in our time is much more common, as it takes less time and nerves.

    Academic leave in case of pregnancy

    Another important question is how to get an academic leave for a pregnant woman? Usually, you can go on vacation from the 24th week of pregnancy, if no pathologies are found. If there are any, academic leave is available on the help of doctors in any period of pregnancy. In general, this is the easiest version of the academic. There is no need to go out of their way to be released from the university or from work.

    But when you are sick, you will have to "sweat" to prove this fact. This will be the hardest thing for students to do.The mere fact of the disease does not give you the right to academic leave. If even doctors and an ambulance came to your house, writing out certificates, this may not help. The fact is that in each higher education institution there is a special rule - all certificates must be certified at the university clinic. So if you forgot to do this, you will simply be denied the granting of academic leave. Do not forget that the certificate in the dean's office must be assured within a certain period, otherwise you will fail.

    So, is it possible to take an academic leave for a student without any problems, and who should I contact for this? First you need to go to the clinic for help, as well as grab an extract from the history of the disease. When the certificate is on hand, contact the clinic of the university, which you study. If you want to get academic leave not because of illness, but for example, for family reasons, you need to take a certificate from the social security authorities or from the parents' work. When all the certificates are signed in the clinic, you should assure them in the dean's office, and in the same place write a statement on the granting of academic leave.What to do next, you will be prompted on the spot, since it depends specifically on the university.

    Now you will know how to take academic leave, to whom and for what reasons they can provide it. Of course, you can get it and dishonestly by ordering a fake health certificate. But is the game worth the candle? Skip a year of study in order to walk and relax? If you are an undergraduate and we are talking about work, then you should again think, weigh everything and make a responsible decision.

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