• How to take a gainer?

    Anyone knows about sports nutrition. Quite popular are the so-called gainers. This sports supplement consists of a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins. There are many different gainers, which include amino acids, creatine, vitamins and trace elements. The main purpose of the adoption of a geyner - a set of muscle mass. Today we will try to explain how to take a gainer, and who needs it.

    Geyner: who is suitable and for what

    Many people believe that protein and gainer are one and the same. In fact, unlike protein, the gainer not only provides purified protein, but also provides an incredibly powerful carbohydrate-fat energy complex.

    Gainer is perfect for athletes who have an ectomorphic physique and have no problems with fat deposition. In order for such an athlete to quickly gain muscle mass, it will be necessary to take a gainer daily three times. Is it worth taking this drug to athletes with an endomorphic constitution? Definitely not.In such athletes, in most cases, almost all unclaimed carbohydrates are deposited in fatty tissue. For these athletes, I recommend taking protein mixtures and slow carbohydrates, which have a rather long absorption period.

    Gainer copes well with the energy saturation of the body due to its high calorie content. Due to this property, it is often used by football players, boxers, athletes and all other athletes who are subjected to regular aerobic body loads. Accepting a gainer will help provide the body with more energy for the duration of the workout, or it can significantly speed up the recovery process after exercise.

    How to take a gainer

    If you are bodybuilding, you should take a geyner almost immediately after training, waiting just a few minutes. Following a similar pattern, you close the protein-carbohydrate window (which opens in the first minutes after a workout) by the gainer. Taking a gainer in a similar mode, you can: quickly restore strength, accelerate the regeneration of muscle tissue, return the entire energy supply of the body.

    If you decide to take a gainer before training, then be careful.This drug, although it will allow you to train more effectively, but after taking it, training will not burn fat and even weight gain is possible, despite active exercises.


    It is worth paying attention to the dosage. One serving of a gainer contains about 50�80 g of carbohydrates, 20�40 g of protein, and some fat. Other supplements vary by manufacturer. When taking a geyner, you should clearly follow the dosage specified in the instructions (if there is a surplus, absorption will simply not occur). In order to prepare a nutritious cocktail, it is necessary to dissolve only one portion of the mixture in water or in milk.

    Gainer and combinations with it

    If you want to mix a gainer with another drug, creatine is the best choice. Thanks to the geyner's carbohydrates, creatine is absorbed significantly faster and more efficiently.

    Quite often, you can see how athletes combine the adoption of a gainer and protein. Such a mixture is quite effective. If you combine a vitamin-mineral complex and a gainer, you can achieve incredible productivity during training.

    be careful

    If you want to lose weight or work on topography, the adoption of a geyner is completely contraindicated.

    Remember that this sports nutrition is a medicine and you have to be as careful with it as with any other medicine.

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