• How to take a debt on Tele2?

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    How to take a debt on Tele2?

    Mobile communications firmly entered the life of modern man. There are situations when money runs out on the phone�s account, and there is no possibility to put it at the same time.

    For such cases, the mobile operator Tele2 provides the service "Promised payment". With this service, a mobile user can take a debt on Tele2.

    How to get the promised payment on Tele2

    1. On the phone dial the command * 122 #.
    2. Press the call button.
    3. In response, you will receive a message with information about the availability of the promised payment, the amount and the connection of the service.

    Terms of Service

    • The service can be connected by subscribers who use the connection for more than 120 days.
    • The promised payment is provided for 3 days, then you need to pay it.
    • The maximum amount of debt is 50 rubles.
    • The fee for the provision of services is 5 rubles. charged at the time of writing off the debt.
    • You can re-order the service immediately after redemption.

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