• How to take a child?

    Inna Kostenko
    Inna Kostenko
    September 8, 2014
    How to take a child?

    Children are the flowers of life, and they require constant and careful care. But even gardeners have interruptions. It is easy to eliminate them, the main thing is to notice the problem in time and take appropriate actions.

    How to take someone else's child

    When a child comes from a shelter in a family, there are changes to which people are often not ready. Whatever the mood for loving a new family member, there are invisible barriers that can be overcome only with wisdom and patience. First you need to identify the problematic side of the relationship with the child: what you do not like in his behavior, which causes irritation or repulsion. Having understood this, try to correct something that you can influence.

    Gently express your demands regarding his duties. New orders always provoke protest, but you should react to it calmly. Be prepared to help your child cope with the difficulties of adaptation, surrounding him with care and support. Feeling friendly to him, he will thank you in the same way.

    How to take another husband's child

    If you linked your fate with a person who has children from his first marriage, first of all, you need to learn ... to share. There should be no rivalry between you and the husband's child. All children need fatherly love, and if a man wants to communicate with his child, do not hinder him in this.

    But how to take the other child of her husband, if you are not ready, so that he becomes a part of your life? Put yourself in his place: after his parents break, he needs support and understanding. Learn about what is interesting to the baby, and while he is with you, communicate with him on an equal footing, like a friend or older sister.

    How to take a child "wrong sex"

    It happens that in spite of all expectations of having a girl a boy is born, and vice versa. How, then, to take a child of the other sex? It all depends on your internal settings. Depression is not an option. You need to convince yourself that this child is exactly the one you have been waiting for. Think not about what you have lost, imagine what pleasant opportunities have opened up for you. After all, it is, above all, your child.

    Adopt a child who does not meet your expectations

    A child is a person.His life can not be placed in the framework of someone else's desires. He can listen to your opinion, but still do it his own way. The task of parents is to sow in children the best that they themselves have taught and to give them the opportunity to choose. And they will decide for themselves what to direct their abilities to.

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