• How to survive November?

    The first thing to do is get enough sleep. Where? Yes, nowhere, just need to go to bed early and try to sleep 8 hours a day. Waking up in the morning, smile. Think about what you want to do today. Note: do not "must", but "desire." Watch your health. Take time to exercise every day. Let it be 5-10 minutes, but be sure to select them. It is best to do exercises in the morning, but this is not necessary, it is possible at another time convenient for you.

    To make time go faster, set realistic goals. For example, by the end of the year, read 5 books or prepare a new dish every week that was not prepared before. Keep a diary. In the long rainy evenings, it is better not to watch TV or at a computer, but to record your thoughts, track your goals and draw conclusions from what is happening with you.

    In order to find time to charge and keep a personal diary, you can get up earlier in the hour. If you do that, you will get another extra hour in a day for free.To get up easier, write your goal on paper or in a diary. Tell others about it. Create your own personal little morning ritual. It can be delicious coffee, a douche, watering indoor plants, reading a favorite book, or even watching the news. Think of a reward for the early rise. Such a prize will motivate you to achieve your goals. Such a prize could be some goodies.

    And it should be understood that if in the late autumn there is little sun, then you must become a “sun”. Make it so that people are just as pleased to communicate with you, as if they are basking in the sun. Think about how great it is to warm up under a rug and drink hot tea when it rains outside the window. Light a candle and admire the dance of the flame. Learn to admire simple life moments.

    Even in the rainy season, you can maintain a positive attitude. It all depends on us. If you apply all these tips, you will not lose anything, only gain mood, friends and health.

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