• How to call Jeff the killer?

    The killer Jeff is the hero of numerous kripipasts (it is not known by whom the invented "horror stories" roaming the Net). In terms of its popularity, Jeff has almost caught up with Slenderman himself - a faceless Thin man. The appearance of Jeff the killer is so remarkable that it is often used by those programmers who have a strong sense of black humor. Thanks to their efforts at night, some sites have windows that show Jeff’s deathly pale face with insanely bulging eyes and a wry grin from ear to ear accompanied by the words “Go to bed!”. Our instructions for calling the killer Jeff are intended for those of his fans who are in reality looking to meet this juvenile psychopath. Consider how you can call Jeff the killer at home

    Calling Jeff the Killer: Instruction

    1. For the implementation of the ritual of calling Jeff for a while, borrow a red lipstick from mom or older sister, and even better, in order to avoid chasing you, buy a tube of cheap lipstick beforehand.In addition to lipstick, you will also need four blank sheets of paper, a knife, a rag and a roll of adhesive tape.
    2. You will be able to call Jeff only in a high-rise building (there must be at least five floors in it).
    3. When night falls and all the tenants in the house fall asleep, quietly go up to the fifth floor and write the phrase "Go to sleep" on the staircase wall with lipstick. This is Jeff's favorite expression, the words “Go to sleep,” he says to all his victims.
    4. Now go down to the first floor, write a letter “I” on a piece of paper with lipstick and glue a piece of tape to the wall.
    5. On the second floor, leave a piece on the wall with the word “NOT” written on it, on the third, attach a piece of paper to the wall with the word “I WANT”, and on the fourth, leave a note for Jeff with the word “SLEEP”.
    6. When the job is done, go home and do something there. In order not to fall asleep, have some tea or play a computer game.
    7. After waiting for about an hour, go to the entrance to check the results of their labors. Begin testing from the ground floor.
    8. If you see that the sheets on the wall are hung in places, stained or smell of rot and grave dampness, then the witchcraft worked.Then quickly go up to the fifth floor and look at the wall. When you see that your inscription has disappeared, then hardly anything will help you - Jeff came for you, and he is very close. Maybe the maniac is already standing behind your back. Here you can only try to run away from him. Run at full speed from home to a crowded place, perhaps Jeff will not risk following you there.
    9. If the inscription is still on the wall, you have every chance of escape. Listen to if the steps of Jeff climbing the stairs are not audible. If you hear a suspicious noise, as soon as possible wrap a knife blade with a rag and erase your inscription from the wall. If you manage to do this before you see Jeff, he is no longer dangerous for you.
    10. By the way, the inscription will have to be erased even if witchcraft has not happened, otherwise you may be in danger of a completely different kind, for example, in the morning you can expect a good beating from your parents or neighbors for wearing a lipstick in the stairwell.

    If you lack the thrill of calling a killer Jeff, try calling Bloody Mary.

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