• How to quit smoking and not get better?

    Recently, with the increase in deaths from lung cancer and heart attacks, most smokers are trying to say goodbye to the destructive habit. After the question "How to quit smoking?" Many have a legitimate question: "How to quit smoking and not gain weight?"

    Can I get better by quitting smoking? Statistics show that 90% of those who quit recruit about 5 kg. But after a while, the majority returns to normal weight.

    Should I continue to smoke for fear of gaining a few pounds? Of course not! You can compare the harm to the body from smoking and the harm from a few extra pounds. Smoked pack of cigarettes per day is 50 kilograms of excess weight.

    Why does a person get better after quitting smoking?

    Smoking perfectly helps to suppress excess weight. True, it costs at the cost of heart and lung health.

    Smoking has side effects:

    • Burning calories. When smoking, the heartbeat accelerates and the metabolism becomes more active.Therefore, when a person gets rid of a bad habit, his body burns 100 calories less per day. In order for the metabolism to return to normal, it must take at least several weeks and sometimes even months. Until the metabolism returns to normal, it is possible that the weight will increase to 500 grams per week.
    • Suppression of hunger. When nicotine enters the body, the liver begins to release glycogen. Due to glycogen in the blood sugar level rises, and the feeling of appetite is noticeably dulled. After you quit smoking, feeling hungry will bother you more often than before.
    • Improving well-being. One of the most prominent features of smoking is the increase in the brain of the “pleasure hormone” dopamine. The same effect can have various sweets, candies and cookies. Therefore, it is likely that the lack of cigarettes, you will replace high-calorie sweets.
    • Dullness of recipes. Quitting smoking, you will notice that the food has become more aromatic and richer in taste.
    • Habit. With severe stress or unbearable boredom, any smoker can hardly do without a cigarette.

    How not to get better, quitting smoking:

    If you were able to exert your willpower and quit smoking, then after the metabolism returns to normal, there comes a time of good habits and complete weight control.

    There are several ways:

    • The right portions. In order to avoid overeating, try to eat more often, but in small portions. This will relieve you from a strong feeling of hunger and, sitting down at the table, you will not want to eat everything that can fit on it.
    • The right food. Pay more attention to proteins and dietary fiber. It is these substances that can effectively fill your stomach and suppress the feeling of hunger. Do not forget that they are very useful for digestion.
    • Play sports. Get into the habit of running in the morning or at least 15 minutes of charging. Spend some money on purchasing a subscription to a local fitness center. So you can not only take your free time, but also correct the shape and health.

    When quitting smoking, forget about the extra weight:

    Getting rid of a bad habit, remember the main thing - you do it for the sake of your health. Many, quitting smoking, sit down on a grueling diet, afraid to put on weight and spoil their figure.Thus, not to harm your body is almost impossible. After all, even quitting smoking can be a considerable shock for him. A well-known teacher of psychiatry and psychology at the University of Pittsburgh says that a person who simply dreams of losing weight as soon as possible is doomed to gain a few pounds.

    In no case, when quitting smoking, do not resort to nicotine replacement therapy, because consequences may be unpredictable. And do not settle for programs that promise to save you from the bad habit and at the same time not to gain weight. Such programs are designed to siphon money from too trusting people who need support.

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