• How to stop a crack on the glass?

    The crack on the windshield - an annoying nuisance that can overtake any driver, regardless of his experience and accuracy. It suffices only to strike from a tiny piece of rubble, with the speed of a bullet ejected from under the wheel of a car in front, and now a small crack has formed on your car's lobovyk. It would seem that nothing particularly terrible happened, because the crack is so small, almost imperceptible. But the whole trouble lies in the fact that this crack has one unpleasant property - it can increase in length, and it can literally grow by leaps and bounds.

    How to stop a crack on the windshield?

    The crack, of course, is not a living being, so it cannot grow by itself. The crack increases in size due to the constant vibration of the car that occurs during its movement.

    You can stop the process of crack growth on your own. To do this, you only need to drill small holes in its end points. Such round holes will interrupt the further rectilinear splitting of the glass and stop the growth of the crack.After drilling the crack can be sealed with a special glass adhesive.

    Operating procedure

    1. The windshield of the car is three-layered; it consists of two layers of special glass and the inner layer of a reinforcing polymer film. Therefore, before starting to drill, you must first determine whether this crack is through or cracked only the outer layer of glass. In order to understand this, you need to hold a sewing needle on the inside of the windshield in the place where the crack is located. If the needle tip slides along the glass and does not cling to the edges of the crack, it means that only the outer layer of Lobovik has cracked. In this case, it will be necessary to drill a blind hole in the glass. In order to drill a hole of the desired depth, you can put a special stop on the tip of the drill - a small rubber washer.
    2. If a crack has several rays, holes should be drilled at the end of each of its rays.
    3. For drilling glass, use special drill small diameter. For these purposes, drills, ending soldering of hard alloy, or diamond-coated drills on cutting edges are suitable.Drill holes with a low speed electric drill. In order that the drill does not overheat during operation, it is necessary to continuously supply any kind of coolant to the drilling zone: kerosene, soap solution or engine oil.
    4. When the holes are drilled, they must be carefully degreased. After that, it will be possible to seal the crack and the restrictive holes themselves with a special polymer adhesive for automotive glass. Such glue can be bought in almost any store that sells auto parts. Apply and dry glue must be strictly in accordance with the instructions attached to it.
    5. After the glue has completely hardened, the glued areas must be sanded and then thoroughly polished.

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