• How to stay fit in the summer

    In the summer to keep your body fit, you need to follow three rules:

    1. Eat lots of greens, vegetables and fruits.All these products are a source of health, without which you can not look attractive. In humans, the process of replenishing vitamins and depletion of their reserves is very slow. Due to the lack of any vitamin or trace element, the condition of the skin may suffer, brittle hair and nails will appear. And to fix the situation, it will take a long time. Regular consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables and greens will not only enrich your body with all the necessary vitamins, but also help maintain your body shape and weight.

    2. Go to proper nutrition.which must be balanced. To do this, your diet should include more grains (rice, buckwheat, wheat and millet porridge) and more sources of protein (fish, meat, cheese, cottage cheese, eggs). Such a diet will favorably affect your figure, helping to maintain the achieved result for a long time.

    3Need to drink more fluid. Many people forget about this, although it is the main condition for keeping yourself in shape. In the first place should be water, and then compotes, natural fruit drinks and dairy products. It is necessary to exclude sweet drinks, black tea and coffee. Herbal teas and green tea can be drunk, but without added sugar. This method is contraindicated in people with diseased kidneys and diseases of the genitourinary system.

    4. Do not forget about physical activity,which should be at least twice a week. If you don’t have time to go to the gym or are too lazy to do yourself at home, then you can jog in the mornings or evenings, or prefer swimming. Swimming involves all muscle groups in distinguishing from running. Periodic loads will not only keep the body in the right shape, but also make it more beautiful and slim.

    If you follow these simple tips, you can easily keep your body in shape for a long time. You will be the owner of not only a beautiful figure, but also good health.

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