• How to start crochet?

    Sooner or later, any girl finds her hobby. If you like beautiful knitted things, then you should learn how to knit using ordinary crochet hook. So let's take a look at how to start crocheting.

    Crochet rules

    Before embarking on this fascinating procedure, you should follow a number of special rules, among which are:

    • You need to sit down as conveniently as possible so that there is no load on your back. It is advisable to sit in a chair with a soft back.
    • A ball of thread should be located to the left of the one who knits. Previously it can be put in a box or jar so that it does not roll.
    • In no case can not knit in the supine position, as it is harmful!
    • Take breaks in the process of knitting, as not only your hands get tired, but also your eyes get tired.
    • Try to make your movements measured and even.
    • The room when knitting should be bright.
    • It is necessary to study or start knitting on thick light threads, and the hook should be equal to the thickness of the thread in its thinnest place.

    Ase knitting

    To start the crochet procedure, you need to take the thread at the very end and put it on the finger of your left hand, preferably the index finger. In the right hand we take the hook and hold it as if we were holding a pen while writing. The head of the hook should be turned to the knitter, and not look straight down. Any knitting begins with air loops, which in the schemes are designated VP.

    From the thread we need to make a loop, as if we are going to tighten it into a knot. Now we pick up the thread with the head of the hook and drag it through the loop. It remains to tighten the loop so that it evenly lay on the hook, but at the same time it was not so difficult to stretch the second loop through it. Try to make the first loop as accurate as possible, since the size of the following loops will depend on it. Catch the thread again with the head of the hook and pull it through the initial loop. So you started to knit the chain.

    Next, knit similarly loop one by one, trying to make them all about the same size. If you need to count the number of loops that you knit, it is worth noting that the loop that is currently on the hook is not calculated.So we looked at how to hook loops.

    Making air loops

    Now let's see how to properly make air loops. The loop consists of three halves of the thread, so if the chain is rotated to a horizontal position as it will be later when knitting, then it will be noted that half of the thread is at the bottom, the second half is at the top, and the third part is at the back. The last part is the one that will not be visible.

    Double crochets and crochets are the main crochet when knitting products. Combined with air loops, they are able to create unique patterns. Most often knit or rows, or in a circle. Start learning such a process as knitting, preferably in rows, so the easiest way to navigate in knit. Now you know how to start crocheting. After you learn how to knit the simplest loops, you can begin to study more complex ones, make combinations of them and make complex structures. With the help of the most simple knitting techniques, you can make a hat or scarf.

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