• How to start arranging furniture in the bedroom?

    Of course, in order to work well, you need to have a good rest, which means that the bedroom should be arranged as comfortably as possible, that is, the selection and placement of furniture in this room plays a leading role.

    Selection of furniture for the bedroom, start with the idea that there should be as little furniture as possible in this room. Ideal when the bedroom has only a bed, a small bedside table for the most necessary things, a chair (ottoman, bench or hanger) in order to change home clothes for pajamas or nightgowns. However, our housing, most often, is extremely far from ideal, so if you have a need to put other furniture in the bedroom, try to follow the following principles:

    - Choosing furniture design, stop at calm colors and not too pretentious configurations. Leave a bright and unusual furniture for the living room or kitchen, the bedroom should have a calm atmosphere that does not interfere with the main thing - rest.

    - If possible, make a dressing room or place wardrobes in another room, if not, choose the most spacious and functional wardrobes, other furniture for storage. Try to equip storage spaces with regard to the configuration of the room, they should occupy as little useful space as possible and accommodate as many things as possible.

    - If you decide to put a dressing table, it should not take up much space, even if the bedroom area is large. Today there is a large selection of console tables or tables, shelves, very compact, but at the same time capable of remarkably decorating a room.

    - In the bedroom there is no place for a computer, TV, music center, or other electronics of this kind!

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