• How to spend a class hour?

    The article contains recommendations on how to spend the class hour most fruitfully. This lesson assumes gaining additional knowledge. For a class hour to be effective, you need to organize it correctly.

    Recommendations for the classroom hour

    First you need to establish communication with students and their subject teachers. This will help you understand what topics are interesting to your students, what difficulties they have.

    As a rule, the class teacher either decides on organizational issues during the class hour, discusses their progress with the students, or holds thematic events.

    This article focuses on exactly how to spend a class hour on a particular topic. The teacher prepares for this lesson throughout the week, and already during the class hour he voices the topic and questions for discussion.

    The team must have a friendly atmosphere. If for any reason it is not there, then it is necessary to find out what led to the emergence of a tense situation and figure it out.This lesson is best conducted in the form of a conversation, giving each student an opportunity to express his opinion, a real attitude to the problem.

    Cool clock ideas

    And now in more detail about some useful and interesting ideas of class hours for 5-11 classes.

    • Class hour "Victory Day".

      The goal - the education of patriotism. You can use military songs, clips, movie clips.

    • Class hour "Mercy is a helping hand."

      Schoolchildren are introduced to the concept of "mercy." The goal - the development of positive qualities - kindness, compassion for people. Tell the parable about the good Samaritan (Luke 10: 30-37).

    • Class hour "Goodbye to all, always goodbye, for all goodbye."

      This lesson should prepare the children for situations that require their forgiveness. The class teacher must lead real life stories that teach forgiveness. The teacher can find an instructive story-parable on this topic. High school students can be advised to watch the film "Forgiveness Amish."

    • A class hour dedicated to the work of a writer or a poet (F. M. Dostoevsky, M. Yu. Lermontov, and others).

      School children will get acquainted with his biography and creativity.

    • Class hour "Foul Virus".

      The key points are considered: what is bad language, the history of the appearance of bad language, the negative impact of bad language on health.

    • Class hour "Teacher's Day."

      Instilling respect for the work of teachers. Schoolchildren are told the story of the holiday.

    • Cool hour "Live."

      The lesson is about overcoming suicidal thoughts. Teaches support of people in difficult life situations. The class hour can be devoted to people experiencing the problem of addiction. It is necessary to tell about the activities of rehabs. As practice shows, the most effective are Christian rehabilitation centers, because the focus of a person moves to God, faith and prayer. If there is an opportunity, you can invite to the class hour a person whose life has recovered after the cessation of drug use.

    • Class hour "Ways to overcome conflict situations."

      This thematic hour can be combined with the topic “Forgiveness”, because forgiveness is the way to end the conflict. The teacher should teach the children to competently get out of conflict situations.

    Remember, the goal of the class hour is team building.Let the lesson you have done will contribute to the conscientious execution of school affairs and the accession of the atmosphere of goodwill to the classroom.

    Here are some tips on how to spend class hours with benefits. You may need more information. You can draw it on. Also, many ideas for a class hour in grade 11 you will find.

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