• Do you want to bring special elegance to your interior, but do not know how? We will help you! For this, it is not necessary to buy expensive furniture or decor. You just need to learn how to sew lambrequins! You only need to show your imagination and good taste. Then let's start?

    How to sew pelmets?

    Lambrequin is a decorative drape in the form of ruffles and trims. It is placed in front of the tulle or curtain, covering its upper part and beautifully framing the curtain. Lambrequin is a truly important part of window decoration, because it can successfully hide the sagging edge of curtains or curtains, as well as an ugly cornice. If you fix a lambrequin above the usual, then you can visually lengthen the window, and with a wide lambrequin, make it wider. Lambrequin can consist of several sections. The length of the cornice indicates the length of the section.

    So, for self-manufacturing lambrequin you will need:

    • Main fabric;
    • Tailoring meter;
    • Lining material;
    • Pencil;
    • Drape tape;
    • Braid with fringe;
    • Thick paper for the template;
    • Pins;
    • Pattern paper;
    • Strip of fabric for edging;
    • Threads;
    • Iron.
    1. Select materials for lambrequin, its lining and edging. For the base is best suited dense, but lightweight fabric that can drape well. The amount of material you need depends on your goals.
    2. Make the calculations. To do this, measure the length of the curtain and the height of the window opening. According to the drawing, make a full-sized lambrequin pattern and attach it to the curtain by attaching tape. To make it symmetrical, mark the center of the window. Standard lambrequins are usually made in length of 1/6 drapes, they should move away from them by 5-6 cm from each edge.
    3. Make a pattern lambrequin (outer part and lining) on ​​the template. Then, stepping back from the edge of the main part 12-15 cm, draw a pattern of edging. It will be better if you make each part separately and number it.
    4. Leaving the allowances for seams in 1.5-2 cm, begin to cut out parts from the front and lining fabric. The length of the edging strip should not exceed the length of the cornice, but it should have a little margin on each side in order to later tuck in the side edges.
    5. Fold the base of the future lambrequin with the lining of the outer side inward, and then fasten them with pins.Leaving the upper part of the drapery open, sew the side and bottom seams on a typewriter. Sew on the top of the edging, and then very carefully smooth all the seams.
    6. Unscrew the finished product on the front side and iron out. Now you can decorate the lambrequin underneath with a frill or fringe and drape it with a special braid. Thus, the appearance of your window will be elegant, and the image is complete.

    You can immediately sew curtains with lambrequins, diagrams and patterns are easy to pick up. To build a lambrequin pattern, the "cord" method will be suitable, with which you can sew curtains of any design, embodying your creative ideas and fantasies. You can read about the “cord” method additionally on the Internet or watch a video on how to sew lambrequins.

    Now you can always give your room a unique personality and solemn style. We are sure that you and your guests will be delighted.

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