• How to sew a dress without a pattern?

    Any woman in a dress feels like a real lady. This outfit is suitable for walking with a friend, as well as for a romantic date or a business meeting. In order to become the owner of a chic outfit, it is not necessary to spend large amounts of money and your precious time. You can quickly sew a summer dress without a pattern.

    We sew a dress: what is needed

    To begin, go to the store, we will suit flowing, thin and lightweight fabrics. They should not be quickly washed and at the same time should keep their shape well. Suitable silk, satin, knitwear in the light version and other similar. The amount of fabric depends on what style of dress you choose, but the length of the cut should not be less than three meters.

    Dresses without a pattern: options

    Dress 1

    So, for a start, we will learn how to sew a dress without a pattern in the Greek style. More precisely, we will not sew it, but we will do it even without using a sewing machine. If you have never sewed and do not know how to do it - it does not matter.

    We will need two pins, a thread with a needle and a beautiful satin ribbon, as well as a metal or leather strap.

    • To begin with, wrap yourself with a piece of cloth as you wrap a bath towel, only the cloth should hang loosely, without covering the figure.
    • Next, grab the fabric in front over the chest and from the back and secure with a pin on the shoulders. Do this alternately, first from the left and then from the right.
    • In order that the dress does not open with the wind, sew the two doors of the dress on the side.

    The main role in such an outfit is played by a ribbon or a belt, this is both a decoration element and a way of making the final shape of the dress. Attach the belt directly under the chest, as did the Greek beauties, or tighten the ribbon, you can also make a bow.

    Dresses in the floor are now very relevant, despite the free cut, they emphasize all the lines and curves of the figure.

    Dress 2

    To create the next dress without a pattern, we also need a piece of fabric. Its length depends on what length you prefer. If, again, you decide to make a dress in the floor, you need a little more than two of your height. The shorter the dress, the shorter the matter.

    • Now we will spread the material on a flat surface, find the middle and make an incision parallel to the long section.This will be a hole for the head, respectively, on the edges of his shoulders will be located.
    • Now put your unfinished creation over your head and decide to what level you want to deepen the neckline. You can leave it small and modest, not attracting attention. Brave individuals fit a more overt model. To do this, increase the incision as far as you like, up to the waist.
    • For decoration, we need a colored braid of such length so that you can wrap four of your waist. Cut it in two, tie one under the breast, and fasten the second at the waist.
    • In the shoulder area, we form the position of the fabric with pins or light stitches.

    Thus, we got a light and fashionable cocktail dress. Better help you understand how to sew a dress without a pattern, video. They can easily be found on various sites.

    Dress 3

    If in your wardrobe a short and tight dress is lying around - rejoice, in just a few minutes you will become the owner of a new outfit. For this we need light flowing matter, pins and a needle with threads.

    • We put on an old dress, we put a new cloth over it and start to create. In advance in the fabric, we made a small slot for the head, as in the previous version.
    • Now proceed to the formation of folds in the waist or under the breast - collect the fabric as you like.
    • Fasten the folds of English pins to the inner (old) dress.
    • Now carefully remove the entire structure and stitch it with threads. We take out pins.
    • It is important that the base dress and the selected material match in color or at least have the same shade.

    So, almost with bare hands, you can make an original outfit in minutes.

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