• How to set up Google Chrome?

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    How to set up Google Chrome?

    Google Chrome (Google Chrome) is one of the most popular browsers today. One of its main advantages is its flexible settings. Convenient organization of the browser - a necessary thing for each user, allowing you to easily and easily solve all the problems before him. Unfortunately, many people ignore the optimization of settings, but a skillful user never goes that way.

    basic settings

    The "Settings" section of the Google Chrome browser consists of four sections - "Basic", "Personal", "Advanced" and "Extensions".

    We begin to consider setting up the browser, of course, with the "Basic" section.

    The section "Basic", in turn, is divided into 5 subsections:

    Initial group

    Here you can specify the pages that the user wants to see when opening the browser.


    You can choose from three options -"Home Page"In this casewhen you open the browser, the user will see the main page (for this page, see below).

    The second option - "Last opened pages."By selecting this option, the user will be able to start work from the place where he finished last time.

    Finally, the third option - "Next page". In this case, the user can set any page as a start page using the special button "Add page".

    Home page

    So, if in the previous section you wanted to see the main page as the start page, it's time to set it up. There are only two options - "Quick Access Page" - on the main page in this case several sites selected statistically from the most visited ones, as well as the "Next page" will be displayed here - you can specify one desired page as the main one.


    This section allows you to manage the toolbar. In particular, here you can either choose the option "Homepage" or "Always show the bookmarks bar". In the first case, a button will appear in the toolbar, clicking on which you will appear on the main page, in the second - a button for your bookmarks.


    In this section, you can select your preferred page for search.By default, this is, of course, Google, but you can change this option if any of the search engines seem more convenient to you.

    Default browser

    In this section there is a button "Set Google Chrome as the default browser", click it if you use Chrome most often or permanently.

    Personal settings

    In the "Personal" section there are six subcategories:

    • Entrance. In this section, you can set up logging in to Chrome, if you have a Google account. By logging in this way, you can be sure that your personal settings will never get lost.
    • Users Here you can set the multiplayer mode. This section is convenient if the PC is used by more than one person. In multiplayer mode, everyone can save the necessary bookmarks and other settings for themselves, without affecting someone else's mode.
    • Personal settingsPasswords Here you can configure the browser's mechanism for saving your passwords to various sites. Only two options - "Suggest saving passwords" and "Do not save passwords." There is also a button "Manage saved passwords", here you can view already saved passwords and delete them if necessary.Also in this section, you can specify sites for which passwords cannot be saved.
    • Autocomplete. The activated option "Autocomplete" will allow the browser to save the text that was previously entered, and when you fill out again, the user will be prompted.
    • Topics. This section allows you to select the desired theme for the browser.

    Additional settings

    In the "Additional" section there are a lot of sub-items, but two of them are the most interesting:

    • chromePersonal data. In this section, the most interesting option is "Clear History". The option is configured, you can clear the browsing history, download history, passwords, etc. You can also set the time frame for "cleansing" - per hour, per day, per week, etc.
    • Downloads Here we are interested in the button "Request a place to save each file before downloading." By activating it, you do not have long to search for files that you download from the Internet on your PC.

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