• How to save flash?

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    How to save flash?

    Usually, saving the content of the pages does not cause questions to users: just click on the desired item with the right mouse button and save it. This does not work with flash content of sites, because after clicking the user sees the context menu of the flash player, which does not allow saving the item on the computer. That is why, the question of how to save a flash, worries many users.

    Browser cache

    The easiest way to save the desired content is to search it in the browser cache. A cache is a file storage in which elements of web pages are temporarily stored. If you return to the site, the browser does not reload the entire contents of the page, and gets some items from the cache. Of course, it also stores flash content.

    In this regard, the question of how to keep the flash from the site, disappears by itself. You just need to find the folder where your browser stores temporary files and copy the necessary elements. If the cache does not contain the content you need, open the page with the desired item in the browser and press Ctrl + S.You will need to specify in which folder to save the page elements, and as the file type to specify "Web page, completely." The file you need will be in the specified folder.

    Saving video

    Most often, users are interested in how to save a flash video to view it later without an internet connection. There are many services that offer "pull out" video from the page. The most popular today is Video Downloader. In order to save flash video from any site, just enter the address of the page in this service. It will generate a link for you, by clicking on which, you will save the desired content to your computer. For Firefox users, the developers of this service have created a special plugin called VideoDownloader FirefoxExtension. On some sites, flash content is protected from downloading by developers, so the above service will not help. In this case, you can use the URL Snooper - a free program to search for video files on the pages.

    Flash games

    The most easy to save flash game if you use Firefox. Just open the page with the game you are interested in, call the context menu on any empty area of the web page and selectitem "View information about the page." The same window can be called by clicking on the link �Tools - Page Information�. To perform such a task, how to save a flash game, you need to go to the �Multimedia� tab and find in the list a file with the .swf extension or .flv. Next, using the context menu, save the game to your computer.

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