• How to save dahlias in winter

    It has been tried several ways to store tubers. The first year of the tubers poured wax - not only did not save the planting material, so this procedure is very laborious, and the second part of the tubers dried and stored in a cardboard box near the balcony and also lost planting material (all tubers rotted).

    I decided to try my version. I dig up the tubers strictly after the first frost, when I grab the tops of the stems. As it follows (only very carefully) I clean them from the ground, leave about 10 cm of the stem, then turn the tubers upwards with the roots, put them in a box in this position and leave them for about a week so that excess moisture comes out of them.

    After that, once again, very carefully clean them from excess land, shorten the roots, leave them for another 5-6 days (also rooted up). Then I put the tubers in the cardboard boxes, roots down and store them in a vegetable pit along with potatoes and other vegetables.

    In winter, periodically check the tubers. After such storage, no tuber was spoiled.The method is simple and not time consuming. In the summer dahlias delight their bloom!

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