• How to rob a store?

    If it seems to you that commercials with dashing raids on retail outlets show that it’s simple and easy to steal in a store, find out first about criminal or administrative liability for such actions.

    • Criminal liability for the shoplifter is provided for in Article 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Theft”. The maximum you can get is up to 2 years, and the minimum penalty is a fine of up to 80,000 rubles. But if the amount of the delivered and unpaid goods is less than 1,000 rubles, the criminal case will not be initiated.
    • Administrative responsibility is provided for in the article “Petty theft” 7.27 of the Administrative Code of Russia. The penalty in this case will be from 1,000 to five times the cost of the stolen, and administrative arrest for 15 days is possible.

    True, not always the administration of the store calls the police to arrest the thief. The hype around the offender, the long paperwork, the search and attraction of witnesses - according to the Directorate, all this is too long and vain. Usually, the administration deals with the thieves on their own: the guards strongly advise you to pay for the stolen goods.

    How to steal in stores

    It is because of the connivance of the employees of the outlets that fraudsters have the opportunity to brag about how to steal from the store and not get caught. Some even do not take out the goods outside the trading floor - they simply secretly drink expensive drinks or eat delicacies!

    Any schoolchild knows about stickers with magnets that squeak if you have not paid for the goods. These are more imaginary than insurmountable obstacles for an experienced shoplifter. The stickers quickly and easily come off, and now the expensive cream, which is freed from the packaging, migrates into your handbag! The lady casually passes by the cashier and leaves.

    In the same way there are fans of free upgrades. It is difficult to open a large blyamba with a clothes magnet (if it is magnetic, then it is disposed of with a strong magnet), but it can be cut out in a dressing room with nail scissors. Such "anti-theft" is usually not attached in the most prominent place, so that they do not interfere with trying on a dress. That is, a small hole at the bottom of the hem, sleeves or trouser legs for many slightly spoils the product received from the 100% discount.

    To prevent a stolen item from being seen, the thieves specifically study the art of quickly and compactly folding any item.For a second they are able to roll a T-shirt into a tight inconspicuous sausage and put it in the pocket of baggy pants.

    Experienced thieves have a special suit for convenient and discreet placement of stolen items in its depths. Layering is used - an elastic T-shirt is tucked into jeans, a free shirt is put on top. Things left behind the collar of the jersey are deposited in the abdomen. The guards usually do not remember whether the buyer came already with a tum or bought it while walking through the malls.

    Who and why steals in stores

    But not only notorious rogues or shoplifters are dragging goods from the store shelves. Among lovers of free cheese there are kleptomanias - sick people who cannot cope with their criminal habit without medical assistance. Kleptomania is a pathological condition, an irresistible desire to steal is the same as. Psychiatrists treat this disease. The kleptomanic theft does not pursue material gain, it simply satisfies the patient’s need for some time, his unhealthy cravings. For kleptomania, the question of how to rob a store is not on the agenda, it arises impulsively.Theft is committed without hesitation and prior preparation.

    Fans of extreme sensations, too, are not looking for material benefits from theft. By their illegal actions, they provide a sharp injection of adrenaline - a kind of drug that produces the human body. The stolen items for them are “hunting” trophies, there may be children's toys, bottles of alcohol, kilograms of chewing gum and lace panties in their collection!

    Unfortunately, there are poor people in Russia who steal food in their stores for food. Different circumstances led them to this method of obtaining products.

    Shop robbery is serious

    All this applies only to petty thefts and theft without the use of weapons. If the store robbery is committed by a group of people, and even with various aggravating circumstances, the punishment will be much more serious, and you will not be able to get off with just a fine!

    The conclusion suggests the following: any theft - it is not pranks and not nonsense. You should not risk your reputation for the mythical pleasure of illegal extreme.

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