• How to ride a non-cleared car?

    Irina Fateeva
    Irina Fateeva
    February 14, 2013
    How to ride a non-cleared car?

    Today, the question of how to drive a car that has not been cleared is not fully defined. According to modern legislation, when importing a car from another state into the territory of the Russian Federation, the owner must go through a mandatory customs clearance procedure within 24 hours. Such a small amount of time is necessary in order to get to the customs office. If you do not invest at this time, your car will be seized. However, the situation is somewhat different with the citizens of other countries entering Russia. They can drive a car for two months, after which a fine will also be imposed.

    However, many Russians find ways to circumvent legislation by legal means. The first is the purchase of a general power of attorney from a citizen of another state. After that, a Russian can drive a car that has not been cleared for a full two months. But this option is not completely legal, since a foreigner has no right to issue a general power of attorney.However, it is possible to drive a car that has not been cleared for two months and in the event that you hire a foreign driver as a driver.

    Thus, as a general rule, it is not allowed to drive a car that is not cleared in Russia. Therefore, buying a car abroad, be sure to go through the procedure of customs clearance, so you do not have any problems with the law.

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