• How to restrain your appetite

    Drink twenty minutes before eating a glass of water. This simple action will help a small decrease.appetite. You can be sure that you will not have to eat an extra piece.
    At night, instead of tea with a bun, it is better to drink a glass of kefir or another lactic acid product. It is both healthier (good for digestion), and more nutritious.
    Drink more fluids. Juices, decoctions, compotes, nutritious drinks, water - choose any to your taste.
    Eat small meals and often, but at the same time try to maintain your regime. Eating at a certain time will contribute to proper appetite. You will not snack between main meals.
    Try to abandon spicy, highly salty, fatty foods, and, if possible, from alcohol. They really whet the appetite. It is better to pay attention to rye bread, fruits, vegetables, cheeses and other more useful and natural products.
    Chew more slowly. It is very useful for digestion, with the feeling of hunger is dulled and saturation is faster.
    After eating, immediately remove the dishes and any remaining food. Do not leave a vase with cookies or sweets on the table.
    Avoid stressful situations during which you feel like eating all the time. Teach yourself simpler and more philosophical about life, accepting what is happening with wisdom and patience.
    For containmentappetiteDo not take drugs without the recommendation of a professional doctor. Only the correct selection of medicines will help solve such problems.
    Psychologically adjust yourself to eat less. Do not look for the disadvantages of this position, but, on the contrary, only advantages. And there are plenty of them too - you will feel better, you will feel better, a fresh and healthy complexion will appear, the body will be cleansed a little, etc. Need to focus less on food. It will be easier, at least sometimes, to refuse it.

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