• How to restrain emotions?

    Emotion is a spiritual experience, which includes anger, excitement, rage and other experiences that are associated with the main human instincts. Emotion is always opposed to feelings that are peculiar only to people.

    How to restrain your emotions

    The ability to manage their emotions can distinguish a person of high morality and culture, who is able to maintain emotional balance even in the most difficult and critical situations. Everyone can learn how to restrain emotions, if you make some effort to this.

    • First you need to analyze the current situation. Track your daily behavior. If emotions prevent you from communicating, if trifles cause a terrible reaction and the desire to revenge someone cruelly, in a word, if emotions prevent you from acting logically and sensibly, you should immediately take up the mind.
    • It is also necessary to analyze the external manifestations: do you immediately start shouting at your interlocutors, if you don’t like something, or shut up, holding a malicious mood? Both extremes are fraught with not only damage to relationships, but also psychosomatic illnesses.Try to talk calmly about the problems that bother you.
    • If in the period of frank conversation, now and then you are caught in a scandal, be quiet for a while, take a deep breath, count to ten and exhale.
    • Next, you need to analyze the motives of their behavior. Why is it fundamentally important for you that in this question the interlocutor did exactly what you want, and say exactly what you expect? How important is it to insist in your case?
    • Treat yourself with humor. But you need to follow the tone. It should be with a slightly raised intonation, calm, perhaps playful. Resentment or anger in the voice should not be.

    How to restrain negative emotions

    If the negative emotions of your loved ones or you are absolutely beyond control and analysis, you should think about contacting specialists, because this may be a sign of the appearance of deeper psychological problems. But first you need to learn how to control your negative emotions. Many psychologists spoke about how to learn to restrain their emotions. For this you need to know a few important rules:

    • Before you fight negative emotions in general, you need to understand where they came from.
    • Always avoid the negative. People’s thinking is often influenced by their environment. Therefore, one should not be surprised that you are more categorical than before, if there are people around you who constantly criticize others, seek out their shortcomings and speak about everything only in a negative light. Try to stay away from them.
    • Be patient. You need to tune in to the fact that people around will be able to give you a lot of trouble. Their disadvantages do not take to heart and be indulgent. If you feel that you are about to explode, then you need to mentally distract.

    I hope this article will be useful for you. In the future, if someone is angry with you or you want to shout at someone, you can control yourself and smooth the situation. Good luck!

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