• How to restore a relationship?

    Relationships ... Unfortunately, they collapse much more often than they remain strong for many years. This applies not only to the relationship between a man and a woman, but also to friendly relations between parents and children. And sometimes advice is needed, how to restore a relationship, but it’s very difficult to admit to someone that you yourself are guilty or are guilty of breaking up and now you’ll go for anything you want to return everything. And what in this case you can go?

    To do this, you need to know how to restore relationships, how to return feelings, how to forget all bad things and build life anew. Immediately we must understand that it is very difficult. And if you want to achieve results tomorrow, then you need to buy a magic wand in the supermarket. And if you want to seriously return everything, then get ready for a long difficult journey.

    We understand the reasons

    To return the relationship, you need to understand why they were destroyed. Remember the events of the last months, why did you quarrel, argue, say unpleasant words to each other? Or maybe there were no quarrels, but there were actions that your partner did not like? After all, very often people do not scandal, but just silently collect a suitcase and leave.Remember all the little things that you then already suggested that you are dissatisfied with your second half.

    If a spouse leaves the woman, she may not understand why this happened. After all, a woman is always busy with home, children, work, often, she just does not see her husband’s discontent. Therefore, to decide how to restore relations with her husband, it is necessary only when there is an opportunity to stop, give the children to grandmothers, take a couple of days off to work. Drop all statuses from yourself, except the title of "wife".

    What did you do wrong with your husband - think, write down your thoughts. If even then you cannot figure out how to rebuild a relationship with your husband, then you have only one way out. Call your husband to talk, let him tell you the reason for his departure. At the same time, you can find out if you have a chance to return your spouse and what needs to be done to do this.

    Action plan

    As a rule, immediately after breaking up, the person who departed categorically denies the possibility of returning. But this is just his protest against the behavior of the partner. This does not mean a complete break, it is just a punishment for the wrong attitude to the partner.

    You must first firmly decide that you need this person, that you cannot live without him, and only then proceed to action.Particularly carefully and carefully it is necessary to take steps if you decide how to restore a relationship with a girl. Here the main rule is not to frighten off.

    Become a friend

    First, find a way to apologize for her behavior, which caused the gap, even if you are not guilty of anything. Yes, the girls are so arranged. Remember, as Bryusov wrote: “You are a woman, and by this you are right!” Therefore, do not hesitate and apologize. And then invite her to become friends who help each other, share their problems.

    Start dating often, repeat to her that you want to help her, because you are her friend. Even when you take her hand, say it is friendly. Let the girl begin to need your support and help, let her feel weak, and see in you the very stone wall behind which you want to hide.

    When all this comes, then she will just marry you. By that time, you can include kisses, hugs and everything else in the assortment of actions and deeds. And most importantly, never go back, in word or deed, to the reason for your break.


    A separate topic in this conversation - treason. Understanding how to restore relationships after treason is very difficult.After all, adultery is a betrayal, it is a drug that, having tried once, will want to use it all over again. If you find a way to convince your soul mate that you will never do such an act again, then you are just a genius.

    One of the options is to prove to your wife (and change much more often to a man) that your betrayal was only sexual desire, and you find love and respect only in your own home. Kindle the fire of passion in her, arrange a second honeymoon, special holidays, a romantic tour abroad ...

    If it became clear how to restore relations with your wife, then act immediately, do not be afraid, prove that you are a man! Yes, do not skimp on the money, because you are trying to return the most valuable thing that was, is and will be in your life - your wife, beloved woman, companion, ally, mother of your children. And no views on the side! And if you are unbearable - learn how to correctly hide your "walk to the left."

    Many skeptics ask, is it even possible to restore a relationship? We give them one piece of advice. If in doubt, then there is no need to try to do it. Just remember that true dedication, love, understanding and respect are worth a lot. Having lost your most important person, you have lost half of yourself, and it's far from a fact that you will recover from such an injury. Run, return your relationship, and be happy!

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