• How to restore contacts in the phone?

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    How to restore contacts in the phone?

    Almost every smartphone user has a situation where the gadget fails. Unfortunately, some of these failures result in the user losing all contacts. Restore each contact separately is very difficult, and it can take a lot of time. Therefore, to help smartphone users consider how to restore contacts in the phone quickly.

    Contact Recovery for Android

    If you own an Android phone, you just need to use a Google account. Just open the "Contacts" section on your phone and select the "Restore" item in the "Additional Actions" menu. The system will offer you to restore contacts that are stored in its archive. Confirm the restoration and wait until your contacts are restored.

    Restore Contacts for Windows Phone

    By analogy with the previous method, you will need to use your Microsoft account. Your phone should have a backup.Go to the system settings and open the "Backup". Next, select the date when the backup was made. After that you will need to enter a password. Confirm the recovery and wait for it to finish.

    Recover Contacts for iPhone

    As in the previous two cases, you will need to use your account. This time you can choose restore using iCloud or iTunes. It is recommended to use the first method. This is due to the fact that iCloud, as a rule, has more backups. In the case of iTunes, you need to sync with your smartphone regularly. You just need to go to the iCloud service and go to the "Contacts" tab. Send your contacts by mail, then copy them to your phone.

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